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Swap-free brokers

Below you may see rating of Brokers which provide its clients with the opportunity to use Swap-free accounts developed for traders who use trading systems which do not take into considerations swap influence or traders who can not use swaps because of their religious beliefs. This determines the second name of this account type – “Islamic accounts”.

If a trader has swap-free account he/she does not get or loss any sum of money when there is a need to carry position over midnight despite of the position volume. Even holding a long-term position a trader may be sure that only currency rate may influence the result of the deal.

Forex-brokers which provide an opportunity to open accounts without swaps are popular in the Islamic world.


Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name Info For Against Vote Comments
1 InstaForex Read reviews 87% 13%   
2 Corsa Capital Read reviews 66% 34%   
3 City Index Read reviews 64% 36%   
4 GCI Financial Read reviews 58% 42%   
5 FXDD Read reviews 57% 43%   
6 Easy Forex Read reviews 47% 53%   
7 eToro Read reviews 40% 60%   
8 Bforex Read reviews 55% 45%   
9 xTrade Read reviews 57% 43%   
10 GFC Markets Read reviews 43% 57%   
11 FBS Markets Inc. Read reviews 60% 40%   

Last comments

Author: Estes | 2017-02-17 | Forex section: The Pardus expert advisor
The Pardus expert advisor is a good EA, I have really enjoyed their services. I have used this advisor for 2 years, and everything is fine. This advisor has good strategy, and I make lots of money with this bot. In addition, the Pardus provides correct entry signals for short-term trading and makes stable profits in the long term. The Pardus is the best advisor I have ever used. For example: I earn money approximately with 1500$ in each month. Hence, I think I have a right decision when I buy this advisor with 150$. All in all, The Pardus is an excellent advisor, and you should try them!!!
Author: Anon | 2017-02-17 | Forex section: ICM Brokers
I have created an account with ICM Brokers because I liked the account without swap, cause it's really convenient for me. About the customer service, there were no screw ups, all the questions and operations are done in a short time, that's why suggest ICM Brokers to everyone.
Author: andy | 2017-02-17 | Forex section: NewForex
almost 2 years I’ve trading with this broker. Starting I’m register an account until now there is no problem occur in my trading activity, their trading terminal work without any error which is more smooth, execution order fast and correct with my order no slippage on charts, their deposit and withdrawal also good and will be credited into your trading account or bank account with the standard process using method of payment that you use and I’ using skirl that only need 30 minutes to be done the transaction. Their support also good and experience in term of trading and customer services since they really helpful to solve my problem when I’ve a problem in claiming the bonus that supposedly automatically credit into my trading account. Overall this broker is good one.
Author: Mike | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: IronFx
When i first started trading with Ironfx everything was smooth, but I did not enjoy their platform had problems with execution, and spreads go wild during improtnat news. Due to the amount of the first minimum deposit I don?t thin it is worth to invest facing such problems. I requested my withdrawal and again I am facin some trouble to have the remaing amount back. I hope they improve their customer support, they are not helpful, at all.
Author: Chay | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: SteamForex
I came across this broker weebiste in a review webiste, and decided to tae a look at it. My first iimpression as very good, the website is very easy to use, I their StreamForex MetaTrader4, works perfectly, I use the version for windows and android, execution is very fast. Their spreads are very comepetitive 2.0 for EUR/USD. I made my first deposit of $60 and I have been trading since then. I havent?made any withdrawal yet, but so far I haven?t faced any serious trouble with this broker.
Author: Yorik | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: FreshForex
I don't know whether FreshForex Russian based or not. All I know is they are found worldwide, I was in Newyork a month ago and they were there, I recently moved to china, and they are also here. They are regulated by CRFIN!
Author: Vladimir | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: SuperForex
I'm trading on this broker a few months. the only thing i remember is that it took a long till they verified my account, when I complained they explained me it was for my account securities. after that I feel comfortable. I prefer superforex because they offer less deposit amount and faster withdrawal than other brokers have.
Author: Sulekha | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: ZARFOREX
I am scammed by ZARForex broker. Now my trading account operated by another person due to leaks of information. Yes, anonymous hacked my account by the link up their representative. I started my trading account very small at about 100 dollars and eventually made $900. When I posted this story on their Facebook I got blocked! I am a real person and you may send me a call to my mobile phone +91 77385 78463. So do not trust these scammers!!
Author: Lasog | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: InstaForex
I had several issues with this broker when I was starting but my account manager spends several minutes on the phone talking to me to suggest different solutions and do follow ups. it was great because he is really courteous and professional. The spreads aren't the best among others but the execution is consistently great. My account number is 1236854 and the rewards, bonus program and the weekly contests are great!
Author: Mock | 2017-02-16 | Forex section: RBC Forex
At the moment, I have good trades with my current broker since I quit trading with RBC Forex. However, I want to share you my bad experience with this broker so that you are more careful in choosing this broker to trade. I joined to trade with RBC Forex 2 years ago, because I was impressed by their advertising on social network pages. In the beginning, everything at this broker is perfect for me, and I usually got profit in trading. My case happened with them in next year when I put a large of amount for trading. At that time, I deposited 1000$, and I got huge profit with 1500$. I’m pleased with this trade, so I withdrew 1000$. I waited over 1 week, but the money didn’t come to my account. Therefore, I sent email to their support, but I got no response from them. Thus, they ignored my emails, and I loss all money – over 2500$. This company is a bucket-shop, and I was scammed by them. Finally, I quit working with this broker, and I moved to another broker to trade. All in all, RBC Forex is a thief, and please stay away this broker!!!