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Below you may see rating of Brokers which provide its clients with the opportunity to use Swap-free accounts developed for traders who use trading systems which do not take into considerations swap influence or traders who can not use swaps because of their religious beliefs. This determines the second name of this account type – “Islamic accounts”.

If a trader has swap-free account he/she does not get or loss any sum of money when there is a need to carry position over midnight despite of the position volume. Even holding a long-term position a trader may be sure that only currency rate may influence the result of the deal.

Forex-brokers which provide an opportunity to open accounts without swaps are popular in the Islamic world.

Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name For Against Vote Comments
InstaForex 77% 23%
Corsa Capital 66% 34%
City Index 63% 37%
GCI Financial 56% 44%
FXDD 55% 45%
6 EasyMarkets 45% 55%
7 eToro 39% 61%
8 Bforex 61% 39%
9 xTrade 57% 43%
10 GFC Markets 42% 58%
11 FBS Markets Inc. 69% 31%

Last comments

Author: Ligaya Quiamas Sanchez | 2017-06-17 | Forex section: xTrade
This is the very first broker that got me introduced to Forex trading. What can I say about my experience with them? It's bad. Very very bad. The first customer service personnel who called me informed me that I can have an initial deposit of $100. Okay do I did. But then, the agent they assigned to me said that it is better to have $500 deposit. Being new then and don't know anything yet about Forex, I agreed. They then opened a demo account for me and told me to try it for a couple of hours to get the feel of it. After that, I am on. The problem I have is that I can't get a hold of the agent assigned to me when there is something bad that has happened to me. When I am doing good on my own. The agent is not telling me anything, even a note that I am doing good. When I am losing, the agent is nowhere to be found. I remember one time. I am losing. And I am losing big. I was trying to contact the agent but you no avail. I thought that by hanging it by days, I can get back the losses I had. But no I still lost a lost. So after a day, I closed the trade on a losing end. That is when the agent contacted me and told me that I should have stayed with the trade for another day to win. Where was this agent when I was lost and losing big? I lost a lot on this broker. Hoping to find a broker that will help me get back on my feet again to recover.
Author: Michael | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: Orbex
I checked several brokers before joining one of them and I finally decided to join this due to all good reviews I read during my research. When I was trading for almost 3 months, I realized that all reviews I have read were true. The broker offers a fast registration process, in less than 10 minutes I had opened my account and received my personal password in my email. I downloaded the trading platform and I don't have problems to set it up. I started with a deposit of $500 and got $100 more in just 2 weeks. Spreads from 1 pip in major currencies allowed me to generate earnings in less time. I make my monthly deposits and withdrawals with Neteller and no issues faced so far.
Author: Danna | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: Million Dollar Pips
My experience using this EA has been very bad. I invested $200 buying it but my profits haven't been as high as I expected. The trades this EA opened were not profitable and most of them closed with low earnings. The maximum amount I have gotten in 3 months has been $50. When there is release of economic news, the EA doesn't work well, it freezes or starts to close positions without any reason. For me, it's not reliable.
Author: Sandy | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: Profit Group
I have been using Proft Group services for about 2 years, this broker really offers an iinstant execution. I used to trade on a live account, during that time I tested different strategies, every things was fine. I started with $150 and after some time I increased to$ 250. I never experienced any delays in payments or even requotes, besides being nost fixed their spreads is very competitve. Last week I withdrew $100 using PayPal system and the money was available within 6 hours. I have no complaints for this broker, I highly recommend them.Their leverage is reasonable, and its different ways to access the account in the platform works well - mobile/ desktop.
Author: Gulaman | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: Knight Capital Markets
What makes me tried them is that they have good client support and my investments are secure. I deposited $20 on my first try last two weeks ago and everything went great. I got a personal manager that has supported me in my trading now. The tools were particularly useful and easy to use. It was very delighted how easy and user friendly it is. This is where they excel they actually do guarantee both your stop loss with NO slippage - so far that's their greatest plus. for a beginner they are legit and very good to start with. Very recommendable
Author: Brunopip | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: City Index
Trading with City Index is easy. I like the user friendly platform, MT4, with fast execution of trades, no crazy spreads and real time prices. I trade with this broker for a couple of months and till now I have a profit of 1500$ with a first deposit of 100$. The support team is very helpful. I had some positions opened during the night and the server crashed so I lost 138$, but after I called them and they checked the problem they opened my positions and credited back my money. Really nice transparent policy of withdraw and deposit. I trade with them currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, GBP/EUR, Gold and Silver. I recommend the broker!
Author: Tim | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: HYCM
Please stay away from HYCM. It is the worth broker ever. It takes only few second to deposit your account, but it is extremely difficult to withdraw cash from your account. I withdraw my money last week, but haven't got any money so far and I am not sure if I would get it. I have called them several times, and they said every time I called that you would get money today, but money never be transferred to my bank account until now.
Author: Connell | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: Ava Group
In my opinion, Ava Group is a scammer, so please stay well away this broker. I joined this broker 2 years ago, but now I trade another broker. In the first year of trading with Ava Group, everything was good for me including depositing and getting profit. However, my case happened in next year. At that time, I put 500$ in my account, and luckily, I made profit with 600$. Therefore, I made a request of withdrawal with 600$, but this broker made the process more complicated for me. Thus, I couldn’t get my money, so I called their support to ask about this problem. Their support always told me that I wait, wait and wait. Until now, I haven’t received money in my account yet, and I also contact them again. I still got nothing, and I decide to close my account. Suddenly, their software froze up that this broker didn’t let me to close my positions. In addition, my orders were filled at huge slips although the price wasn't volatile. I was crazy with their behavior, so I quit working with this broker. Sum up, Ava Group is really a greedy and unstable broker, and I don’t recommend this broker to all traders!!!
Author: pipbapakgrab | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: IG Markets
IG Markets well know as good broker that provide educational material and online seminars. Their spreads are excellent, as they start from 0.8 pips on EUR/USD, so many trader possible to generate earnings in just a few weeks. But the technical support not work as well as the system. When got trading trouble, I tried to contact them several times but still no answer nor response to my emails and chat. Its make me tired while got trouble in withdraw process. Sorry but I not recommend them, even though I not close my account yet.
Author: Venita | 2017-06-16 | Forex section: YoutradeFx
Hey guys, please be cautious if you are considering to join youtradefx and in fact I have left this broker few months ago. During my early journey, I have worked on demo account while noticed everything was very good and smooth. I choose $500 as a deposit for demo account and result was nice and I gained profit $400 with few weeks. I wish the profit will continue while working on real account but it was not. I have opened basic account and invested $500 into account. It was very painful when all the money was gone in a month. In fact, I have traded wisely and I don’t think I have any problem on my trading plan. I contacted to support department and seems they failed to give clear explanation to me as a client. However, I noticed that the Metatrader 4 platform always crashed and delayed my order execution which I think they are not honest and adjusted their system to take extra profit from client. I understand about broker fees but they must be honest! because of this issues I have marked youtradefx as non-trustworthy broker and so not reliable.