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On-line since: 2007
Country of origin: Cyprus
Regulation: ASIC (Australia), CNVM (Romania), CySec (Cyprus) and Banco Central del Uruguay (Uruguay)
Payment options: CashU, Credit/debit cards, Neteller, OKPAY, paysafecard, QIWI, Skrill (Moneybookers), SOFORT, WebMoney, Wire transfer, Yandex.Money
Minimum account size: $250
Minimum lot size: 0.025
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: 3 pips on EUR/USD

Bforex – an excellent quality of services and profitable quoting rates favorable for the experienced traders as well as for the novices. Bforex Company has a wide line of offers for the legal bodies starting from agreements with institutional broker and including engineers of White Label.

Web-site: Bforex
Author of Bforex review: Angie. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-05-12 10:48:38
bForex is a scam company, so don’t trade with this broker. First of all, their customer service is the worst, because they never solve clients’ problems. Last year, I joined this broker, and I deposited 100$. Luckily, I also got profit with 50$, and I felt happy with this profit. Thus, I usually get profit in trading here, and now my account grew up to 1000$. However, my case happened in last week when I logged into the platform and withdrew 770$. Unfortunately, I could not login, so I couldn’t withdraw money. Therefore, I contacted their support, but I get no reply from them. Whenever I phoned they say they will solve my matter immediately, but I still get no money now. Bforex is a SCAM artist, and I lost all money with 1000$. Bforex is the worst broker that I have ever trade, especially in their customer service. My advice gives traders that stay away this scammer – Bforex if you don’t want to risk your money.
Author of Bforex review: horiafx. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-04-17 13:39:15
I was a client of BForex broker for 5 months, and last week I closed my account. I had a live standard account and I was trading major currency pairs EUR/USD USD/CHF USD/JPY on MT4 platform. My first deposit was made with Netteller and was credited instantly with a fee of 30$, from 300$ deposit. The platform worked only the first month, after that the platform had delays 2-3 seconds every day during volatility time, the broker was manipulating the prices. When I asked the support team why I had 2 positions closed during one night they said is not their fault and they the money lost will not be credited back to my account, amount 90$. I had also one time a negative slippage of 13 pips and that was lost also. I requested to withdraw my funds and I closed my account.
Author of Bforex review: Fatuh. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-03-30 10:49:43
I just tried out Bforex because my friends told me that their experience with this broker was good. I just signed up last weekend. I will leave a review about my present experience. Signing up was easy but their minimum size of opening a live account is $250, before i will go on live. I wanted to try everything first so I am still on demo. They have nice platform and great trading tools and conditions. Everything was smooth and most of my trades were closed in profit. Their execution was fast. I wish everything is still the same smoothness when I want to go on live.
Author of Bforex review: Rajveer. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-03-20 11:16:20
These guys are into real cheating. They never provided me withdrawal. I asked several time for the withdrawal but they didn't even I have uploaded all the documents and my account also verified. I added 2000 USD on the advice of a so called ' help you trade safely' agent. And after a couple of weeks, my account was zero but I didint do anything. They logged into my account and they opened wrong deals without my permission.. When I reached out to the company and the agent whose name is supposedly Wasim, he said this is common and you lost the money. You should trade with a bigger amount. Please do not invest with these guys, They are real cheaters. I have all the details of them. If anyone suffered with them please mail me to : and they going to migrate their platform to so guys please be aware. brothers.
Author of Bforex review: hayet. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-03-17 05:31:14
I uninstalled the Mobile platform, also known as a Mobile-PROfit because it is too buggy. It kept on freezing and some of the trading features didn't work. It says that the platform is compatible with Both Apple & Android users, but it doesn't work for me. I couldn't execute an order using my phone. In fact, I lost 32 usd when I tried to place an order using my phone. That was last month when I lost some of my fund. The Call back is useless. I requested a call from their "forexperts" and heard nothing from them.
Author of Bforex review: Bana. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-02-22 14:05:06
Last week while I was trading USDJPY pair i closed my positions into wining but they reversed it. The currencies were rallying and I was slightly losing and losing in every positions. When i was closing m position and tried to reverse them. i receive a mail with the ticket order of 4528976 saying that 'Context is Busy, try again later". After 6 hours of many attempts I always got the same message error. I also noticed that my margin was all consumed and closed. I was so shocked to see when I checked my account was cut in half. I called the support to closed my account but they were giving me delays to withdraw my funds. Do not trust this broker.
Author of Bforex review: Saravanan P. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-02-17 12:19:14
BEWARE DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS COMPANY (BFOREX). There is no training whatsoever. There are bunch of idiots sitting in the back end and compliance team. All of sudden they will block you account and ask you "n" number of question regarding you credit card and accuse you of fraud(I had this card for the last 20 years SCB). Their questions are :- How did you get this card Why did they give you this card Why this type of card etc., I was happily riding on a profit of $3500 also had quite some positions open which were running under lose. When i wanted to deposit these people starting acting funny and blocked the account with so may questions and not satisfied with my answers. All they would say is the account is blocked. So word of caution if you are trying to tie up with BFOREX ensure you get the documents checked including you mode of payment, because once you make the payment your fate is sealed. The only part that is good is the first conversation...they would talk you in such in a way that you feel the world is at your feet and once you have clicked on pay that is the end of the story. No body will call you their numbers cannot be reached and the best part is the chat support, they will say your manager will call you. The manager never gets time. Get yourself properly trained and finally think twice before investing.
Author of Bforex review: fxgregoriamariska. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-02-07 10:18:49
I chose BForex because I find a lot of informations about their advantages and good performances. After I deposited my money and trading with my deposit and with all simplicity from BForex, I found, I could seek my luck in the world of trading via BForex. Their platform is very good and customer support has been there when I needed. Sometimes the spreads get a bit slack, especially during Asian trading. So far I am happy and have a good experience. I can also easily to withdraw the request.
Author of Bforex review: krishandey. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-02-04 20:22:12
Customer service is OK. The main thing which have to get improve is the fundamental analysing part sometimes. But withdrawals are taking about 120 hours sometimes . Try to improve that . Other than this no Complaints .
Author of Bforex review: ijazz. Date and time of Bforex review: 2017-02-04 20:13:41
Hi All, fisrt i open many deals and i lost my money. then i realized i lost my money becose it was my careless. i never listen to my accoun t manager and i did not do according their tips and market update. I opened opposite deals. then i re-deposited 200$ , my training stricktly told not to trade m earning good profit and i am so happy

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