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Institutional Forex Brokers

Below there is rating of the on-line institutional Forex brokers which are supported by the solid and reputable off-line companies like banks and financial organizations. Such brokers are usually regulated and are very reliable. However, trading via institutional brokers is more expensive due to the high commissions and spreads.


Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name Info For Against Vote Comments
1 InstaForex Read reviews 80% 20%   
2 Corsa Capital Read reviews 66% 34%   
3 Interactive Brokers Read reviews 63% 37%   
4 CMS Forex Read reviews 54% 46%   
5 IG Markets Read reviews 50% 50%   
6 Saxo Bank Read reviews 40% 60%   

Last comments

Author: Keen | 2017-04-28 | Forex section: InstaForex
I have been trading Forex and CFDs at InstaForex for about 6 months now. I can say that their customer service is the best in my experience, solving problems immediately and answering emails quickly. Last week there was a problem with my order. One of my EUR/USD order being closed by some technical error and I lost $80. Instantly I was contacted their customer support via Live chat. The error was then fixed within one and half hours and I got my money back. Beside this I've been making profit continuously and have experienced only very limited slippage.
Author: Dim | 2017-04-26 | Forex section: InstaForex
I am really glad to be one of InstaForex client. Their system works fine, without any interruptions. I made an easy profit and requested to withdraw, they was fast approved without any hidden commissions. Beside that I'm so happy because their spreads are really low, start from 3 pips on EUR/USD. It's worth to invest with ECN brokers. I started with $500 in account and doubled its balance for a fortnight. Thanks to InstaForex.
Author: Lolomo | 2017-04-26 | Forex section: InstaForex
I am with Instaforex from December 2016. Opening a live account is like pulling teeth. I sent them thrice my documents because of the quality but after a week I was finally verified. I also do experienced re quotes with this broker but i understand it because the market was volatile. People who complain about them, don't seem to know how currency brokerage works. And that's why they are probably losing money. I just hoped they can verify my account fast and send the prize whenever I won in their contests. I hope they can continue to keep their good services.
Author: Ashok Goyal | 2017-04-23 | Forex section: iFOREX
It appears to be a good website as I could make $500 in initial 3 days of my trading. But this broker should put a cap on opening further deals if the account balance can not withstand the market fluctuation as at the 24th hour you may not be able to fund your account to cover the losses. If funds in the accounts are sufficient to cover losses then the trader can wait for the positive reaction of the market. Moreover, this broker requires scanned copies of Credit/Debit Cards to be uploaded for activating the withdrawal facility. Withdrawal facility should be more client friendly.
Author: pipjambaxy | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: Vector Securities
Over all it was a great experience for me to join Vector Securities and I will definitely recommend this broker to all my Colleagues. I was so glad with their platform that work really good and make every trading succes. Last week I deposited $100 and the analysis really help my strategy so I won profit almost 40% and trading process was so perfect and easy to navigate. I plan to invest more capital and trade using their platform.
Author: Godfrey | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: Kalita-Finance
Kalita-Finance is a reliable broker, and I have traded with this broker since last year. Due to a newbie in forex world, I made a small deposit with 50$ in demo account, and I have had no problem with this broker. Thus, Kalita-Finance has the lowest spreads of the market, especially in major currencies. They also have easy platform to trade, so it’s really helpful for me. For example: 3 days ago, I deposited 3004 for trading, and I earned 400$. It’s good. In addition, ActivTrades has great customer support, various choices of instruments and fast in adding new instruments by my request. Furthermore, this broker even lets me have high leverage, and the customer support has been helpful with all of my questions! Hence, I feel extremely comfortable depositing through my trading account. All in all, Kalita-Finance is an honest broker and five stars go with this broker.
Author: Smile | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: Royal Forex
I like Royal Forex because they make forex trade simple and convenient. Royal Forex have very low spreads, starting from 1 pip spread on all major currencies, I prefer trading EUR/USD e USD/JPY and spreads are 1 pip. No swaps and no commissions and I think it's one of their biggest advantages. I can trade oil, gold, silver and forex in the same account with no problems. I strongly recommend Royal Forex to all.
Author: fxgire | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: MikiForex
I have joined 6 months with this broker. Now many problems arise. I'm disappointed with this broker because they can't provide good service. They always complicate all the processes. A very complicated withdraw process. Even the first time I joined this broker, the deposit process is very complicated. I was disappointed because it turned out that everything I wanted was not appropriate. I am looking for a better broker and I can trust because if I continue to join a broker who makes me disappointed then I will get big losses.
Author: Asheley | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: ForexYard
I would say “forexyard” is great and I like this broker since I don’t have any big problem with them. It is nearly a year in their platform and overall I am satisfied with the service especially for order execution. In fact, I consider myself is still new to forex trading and a lot of thing especially about signal and indicator need to explore more and more! Thanks to forexyard’s expert to share precious information about forex knowledge while attending the classes last time. I am still planning to join again now need to arrange time for it. I am still favouring EUR/USD pairs and spread is fixed at this moment. I prefer to trade on PC, and along my journey with them MT4 platform working in order. The most important is easy to interpret with. Thanks and I wish more success trading with you all guys!
Author: Arief | 2017-04-21 | Forex section: Kalita-Finance
after 3 months trading with kalita finance I’ve problem with their trading platform which to be specific Itrade 8 platform that have so much bugs after they make some improvement on their trading platform but it is not improve in a good way but in a bad way since their platform keep re quoting my orders and the execution become slow and also it will freeze if I keep clicking instant order and end up with trading platform that not responding. After a few days this problem still not solve even when I uninstall clear all data then re install again, the same problem will come to me. I made a report to their support team and ask them to fix this issue because I can generate profit trading with this problem platform. They just guide me to do what I’ve do before asking their help which is reinstall again the platform and they also said that I can trade using mobile apps. I don’t like trading with mobile phone because the screen is small for me to make an analysis. They should fix this problem otherwise I have to close my account and find another broker that can provide me with stable trading platform.