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On-line since 2003
Country of origin Cyprus/Canada
Regulation AFM (Netherlands), 66418, ASIC, 140 899 476, Banque de France, 73506, FCA (UK), 247274, FSA (Denmark)
Payment options CashU, Credit/debit cards, QIWI, Skrill (Moneybookers), UnionPay, WebMoney, Wire transfer
Minimum account size $100
Minimum lot size 0.05 lot
Leverage up to 1:400
Spreads 4 pips on EUR/USD

xTrade was established in 2003.
xTrade is an innovative company, which developed one of the most reliable and unique web-platforms for trading at Forex market.
xTrade trading platform was developed by professional traders. The main criteria of the company’s work are: professionalism, financial mobility and the trading network time rate.

Author of xTrade review: sagiya. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-19 11:04:43
very good service no problems, good signals through SMS and Analysis, helped me make nice profits. i withdrew it after a month, mony arrived promptly (about 1 hour ) but at least arrived!! i strongly reccomend
Author of xTrade review: Krishna. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-19 11:03:02
They are going down with their commission in January...what a good news. For the scalper like me, nothing to say except: "thanks to bring the forex industry a bigger transparency They provide excellent customer support, I have a VIP account manager, who helps me with everything. They also have great educational materials for their clients and offer fast execution of my orders.
Author of xTrade review: kana. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-19 07:11:46
I was referred to xtrade by my friend a few months back and my response shortly after to him was "why the hell didn't you tell me about them a year ago." I have been with a number of brokers that I have experienced the worst customer service ever, the worst withdrawal process and even platform/technical issues. It has been a joy being with xtrade these past few months. They re-sparked a passion for trading in me that I thought I lost. They are responsive on a customer service level. I think every company no matter the industry can learn from their level of customer service and response time. I have also made more withdrawals with this company that has just been a relaxed process receiving my funds as quick as the same day. No technical issues as of yet, but even if so I have the confidence in them they will inform me properly.
Author of xTrade review: madu milla. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-19 07:10:47
I so much love Xtrade, they are simply the best. I have never had issues with them. I love everything about them. I have tried many brokers and encountered different problems but xtrade is standout. I hope they keep up the good work. the best part is they take INR so no problem with deposit and withdrawal instead.
Author of xTrade review: thmos. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:30:41
For the first time when I got a call I didn't trust on this, when I checked on google it showed me it's as scam. I was so scared to deposit then my account manager made me to understand about it was created by a broker who try to put all the companies down he told me then I asked him few days. Later after months I wanted to start then I told him I am not ready to use my debit or credit card then he suggest me to get go cash card I started it and making lot of money as my account manager promised me he is supporting me well I am withdrawing the money daily and superb web site he proved me what I saw in the net is wrong thank god
Author of xTrade review: murha. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:24:55
I been trading with xtrade . It's my first broker. I don't use my own money when trading because am still a newbie.. xtrade I post in their sponsored forum and earn bonus money to trade in their accounts. So far so good...my only question is if xtrade is trying to scam their clients then why would they pay me regularly every time I withdraw profits from the bonus account? Remember...I am using their own money to trade...I never spend a single dime from my own pocket yet they continue releasing my profits I earn from their own money. Just want to let everybody know that xtrade release all my withdrawals in time. I am very pleased with that. I have read all the negative feedbacks here about xtrade. Just that I never experience any bad services from them. I really trust Insta Broker...because of my own good experiences with them. I will continue to trade with them as long I will continue trading forex.
Author of xTrade review: dani. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:22:53
I woder why some traderslike blaming brokers for their loses, it is always vexing me whenever I see traders blaming brokers especially when they blame Instaforex for their loses, but if you dont know how to trade, why did you ignorantly go into trading yourself? instead of you, to ask for how you can learn how to trade, or you can even learn trading through Instaforex Demo Account. I have been trading on xtrade platform for some time now. When I joined xtrade I knew nothing about Forex trading, which immediately I opened an account with xtrade, my account manager who has been assigned to me called me and he welcome me to their platform and asked me if I know how how to trade which I said 'No' and he introduced me to the PAAM System, and I monitored the trading of some traders on the system, I funded my account with $ 2000 and I choose a trader who trades on my behalf, after we reached on the profit sharing and this made me to be an investor, while doing this I went for the trading seminars, which was organized in Nigeria, and I also made use of the xtrade E-materials all this helped me in training which made me to now become a professional trader. Now I am a big successful trader. So whoever says xtrade a scam or xtrade makes him to loose his money should check himself and stop saying things that are true.
Author of xTrade review: than. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:21:05
I think this broker have really done a good planning especially in hiring their staff and they have trained them well as support really knows what are you asking them and they are not ditching you with some stupid answers like , write an email to our support departments. Every problem is solved on spot , in minutes. Generally, with other broker's what i seen is that support guys know very little about trading and they are just speaking repitative lines. I faced some requotes but not regularly. Nice broker
Author of xTrade review: kumar P.. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:20:40
I have to disagree with the negative comments that have been posted on the website thus far. I chose to trade with BFOREX because I am interested in their 100% Bouns approach, for obvious reasons. I have asked for proof that a trade was hedged with "the market" on a few occasions in order to test the truth of the claim, and have always been satisfied with the response. One thing that I would say is that they are relatively new and the only problem that I had my account manger always focus me to withdraw my profit every week ; that said, they have always got back to me with a credible response. I really do feel that they are working hard for their clients and are committed to giving an honest service.
Author of xTrade review: Ganaprhi. Date and time of xTrade review: 2016-10-17 13:19:34
Awesome broker, good services. I was a begginer in this field, Xtrade helped me out and gave me understanding of how to make money simply by understanding daily new. They are unique in training skills. My advice to all fresher, before I also saw bad reviews but now understood how it works.

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