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Below is a rating of Expert Advisors that help traders automate their trading on the international Forex market. Nowadays traders commonly use specialised trading systems, or advisors. The more effective the programme is, the more profit a trader makes, the more successful a trader becomes.

Sometimes traders have some difficulties in choosing the Expert Advisor as it should have user-friendly interface, adjustable parameters and criteria applicable to trader’s strategy.

This rating gives opportunity to share your experience and opinion on using a particular trading system and to learn more about the Expert Advisors that gain traders’ confidence.


Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name Info For Against Vote Comments
1 Wall Street Forex Robot Read reviews 50% 50%   
2 Scalper Day Read reviews 56% 44%   
3 The Pardus expert advisor Read reviews 48% 52%   
4 Million Dollar Pips Read reviews 41% 59%   
5 Megadroid Advisor Read reviews 39% 61%   
6 Forex Morning Trade Read reviews 37% 63%   
7 Forex Growth Bot Read reviews 52% 48%   
8 FapTurbo Read reviews 29% 71%   
9 Euro Smarter Read reviews 28% 72%   
10 EA Gold Shark ver. 5 Read reviews 26% 74%   

Last comments

Author: Marek | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: FxPro Financial Services Ltd.
I opened my account 2 week ago. Before that I tested demo-account for 2 months. Verification was nоt fast, they checked all my documents. After that I deposited 2000€ and started trading. I like FxPro platform. It is simple, quite informative and with good infographics. I even earn a little bit for this short period of time. I requested for 200€ just to check the withdrawal service. Within 1 working day the amount was on my account. Everything so far so good and I am satisfied with my choice.
Author: coachfx | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Saxo Bank
Since I'm a trader ( ~2 years ) this is one of the worst brokers I had been trading with. From opening an account, to closing it. I had an classic account with Saxo Bank for about 2 months and I closed it because of the platform which crashed or get re-quotes on EUR/USD, USDX and Gold which I tried to trade and lost money 300$ in 2 weeks of trading because there is no stability of the platform. I tried to contact the support team nobody would answer to my call or e-mails. I withdraw the rest of my funds and closed the account. But now I get calls every day from their support team which wasn't there to help me when I contacted them. I can't make the stop calling.
Author: FxMonster | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: YoutradeFx
YouTradeFX is not for serious trader. My 90% of the trades were executed incorrectly, take profit orders went ignored. When i call them to solve the problem, they always say market has skipped the price you tried to get in at. I just don't understand how the market always skips prices. They had been a huge waste of my time and money.
Author: Bana | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Bforex
Last week while I was trading USDJPY pair i closed my positions into wining but they reversed it. The currencies were rallying and I was slightly losing and losing in every positions. When i was closing m position and tried to reverse them. i receive a mail with the ticket order of 4528976 saying that 'Context is Busy, try again later". After 6 hours of many attempts I always got the same message error. I also noticed that my margin was all consumed and closed. I was so shocked to see when I checked my account was cut in half. I called the support to closed my account but they were giving me delays to withdraw my funds. Do not trust this broker.
Author: Clarke | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: FapTurbo
FapTurbo is a bad EA, and please do not use this advisor. I bought it in last year with 150$, and I think it is not expensive. However, this advisor makes me disappointed so much. Thus, FapTurbo is good with me at the beginning but when I lose they did not care and they did not answer me. In addition, the profit ratio at here is unreasonably tight and the robot doesn't always provide accurate trading signals. Hence, it makes me loss lots of money (550$) when I trade with large of amount money. Now, I’m going to move another advisor, because many losses I got at this advisor are enough for me. All in all, please do not use this advisor – FapTurbo, or you will lose your money like me!!
Author: fxdiansastrowardoyo | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Interactive Brokers
The employees of Interactive Brokers weren't in accordance with the name of their company is "Interactive" especially their customer support. When I was get trouble in trading or just want to ask about trading system from Interactive Brokers, customer support did not respond for my questions or complaints immediately. I had to wait two days to get an answer from them. It was not showed “Interactive” word. I was very disappointed with the customer support from Interactive Brokers but as long as I can still keep trading and continue to produce profits, I still trading with this broker.
Author: Best | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Forex Club
I am very pleased with Forex Club. I had a small trading issue caused by my EA getting out of control, the EA developer could not help so I asked Forex Club's customer service. CS looked at my EA and fixed it, they also stopped my EA from losing me any more money. Thank you Forex Club, you guys are the best, your customer service is excellent.
Author: Palmpip | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Million Dollar Pips
I wanted the profit which was spoken about in the advertising, bought this EA for 147$, and I lost 300$, plus 147$ which was spent to buy it. Did all the settings required, but nothing worked. This EA is didn't helped me with scalping, actually the platform crashed several times during a day when I tried it. I have it for more then 30 days now so I can't get my refund back. I should've used it earlier so I could see that is not stable and unreliable.
Author: Andrei Olag | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: Dealing City
When I deposited my 6000 RUB, I was told by their staff to avail the %30 Bonus and I sent a letter requesting to avail the bonus. The instruction on how to avail the bonus was sent to me. It requires a trader to verify the account. The document needs to be in a high resolution otherwise it would be junked. Because of the bonus, I renewed my passport and updated my bank statement to avoid inconvenience. All my documents were accepted and none of them got declined. The staff also told me that the said bonus is only applicable in my country. I am curious, why they wouldn't offer the same promo in other countries too?
Author: fxedodo | 2017-02-22 | Forex section: eToro
I join with Etoro already one year. I recommend this broker to traders who are looking for a broker. The reason I recommend a broker Etoro because there will be benefits that can be obtained as a very simple trading platform. EToro also offers such specialized training, courses and useful information to help turn new customers into traders. There are also many special offers provided by Etoro. Traders who have joined Etoro also can enroll in one of the exclusive Trader Program that has many benefits. Trader eToro also get a chance to See, Follow Investor Copy. This advantage can be used by all traders Etoro who have joined or who have recently joined with Etoro. The sooner joined the Etoro, then the benefits will be more rapid you get it.