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Welcome to the website which name is self-explanatory: we created this Forex broker rating to conduct the statistics and record of different brokers, providing traders with independent assessment and opportunity to leave their comments about any broker. Moreover, at this resource you will find reference information about brokers, presented in a rating of Forex brokers, including Swap-free brokers and, for example, MetaTrader brokers. Forex analytical materials, published by numerous Forex brokers at our website, are live FX analytics of Forex market professionals. We hope that information derived from the Forex broker rating will be useful for all Forex-traders!

To appraise the popularity of a Forex broker there is offered each user to vote for the most respectable broker. In order to make the voting maximally impartial, one may vote for a broker only once a day. Any attempts to increase rating artificially will be terminated by the system and manual moderating of voting results and it increases its value. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that given Forex brokers rating 100% represents the facts and do not contain mistakes in assessment of Forex brokers from all over the world.


Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name Info For Against Vote Comments
1 InstaForex Read reviews 82% 18%   
2 ForexMart Read reviews 78% 22%   
3 SuperForex Read reviews 72% 28%   
4 TeleTRADE D.J. Read reviews 69% 31%   
5 NewForex Read reviews 67% 33%   
6 Corsa Capital Read reviews 66% 34%   
7 Interactive Brokers Read reviews 64% 36%   
8 City Index Read reviews 63% 37%   
9 Cobra Trading Read reviews 62% 38%   
10 Premium4X Read reviews 61% 39%   
11 Oanda Read reviews 61% 39%   
12 Swissquote Read reviews 59% 41%   
13 Hotspot FX LLC Read reviews 59% 41%   
14 GCI Financial Read reviews 57% 43%   
15 FXDD Read reviews 56% 44%   

Last comments

Author: Seynaeve@4x | 2017-03-19 | Forex section: eToro
Actually, I am staring to use eToro broker from September 2016. I was a complete a new in forex and did not even know how to read the charts and how the analysis was done. If it wasn't for all the people I chatted with on their website and also their supportive staff I would have been still ignorant. Now I can analyze the chat and able to make right decisions. Draghi's speech Last month I earned $367 just 2 trades on EUR. I have no complain about their withdrawal usally I got my money within 2 days through Skrill. So I would recommend this broker specially newbie’s.
Author: Richardfx25 | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: VerumFX
I have nothing bad to say about this broker. I'm with them since January and it has been a very smooth experience. No problems when it comes to account opening and withdrawal of money. All my trading are executed at the right prices, no requotes and no slippages. Withdrawal is fast, I already tested it for 2 times and it's really simple. Customer staff is very polite and helpful, so I consider it a very professional broker and recommend to all.
Author: Crownfx | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: HMS Markets
I am a client of HMS Markets for 5 months and I started using it with a demo account for 10 days, and after that I opened a live account with a first deposit of 5.000$ via bank transfer. The money were available to trade within 2 working days. Their platform works with accurate quotes and fast execution of trades. My trade is on currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, and when there is strong signal on the market I trade also Gold because it is good for my portfolio and it has nice profit. About profit, I make on an average month 2500-3000$. The withdraw process it is easy and without hidden commissions. I recommend the broker is reliable.
Author: pipmustikajaya | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: xTrade
In first month doing trading, I feel xTrade has fast order execution and nice minimum account size that only $100. But it was only for a month, yesterday I realized that they increased the spreads at their certain interest, also trading platform troubles and crashes when I have made a profitable trading. My profit close only in 10% from my deposit it's too small. I want to stap trading, but I'll wait until this last month because I like their platform, but if there no improvment I'll leave them.
Author: Jina | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: Admiral Markets
I get a problem and a disruption when I wanted to join Admiral Markets, I never succeed and confirmed by them in registration process. They are verified unreasonable even though I've followed the requirements which they would otherwise require to join. The verification always didn't successful, fail, and fail. How traders can join Admiral Markets if the verification of the registration process so difficult.
Author: Julie | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: Ava Group
At the moment, I’m going to find another broker to trade, after I have many losses with Ava Group. Last year, I was recommended to trade with Ava Group by my friend when I just joined to forex world. Then, I opened account with this broker and I made a small deposit with 100$. At that time, I usually got profit, and my case happened with them about my withdrawal in last month. Due to some reasons, I needed money urgently, so I made a request of withdrawal – 600$. However, the money still didn’t come to my account when I waited 2 weeks. Therefore, I called their support to ask about my request, and this broker told me that my request had been done. Hence, I checked my account again, but there is nothing. Thus, I was really angry because this broker lied me. Later, I called them again to ask them give my money. Suddenly, I couldn’t contact them anymore, because they hang up my phones. Finally, I lost money, and Ava Group is really a thief. All in all, please don’t trade with Ava Group, because this broker doesn’t give your money when you make a withdrawal.
Author: KereenFX | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: Megadroid Advisor
I tried the bot for 1 month and I can say it's a lost of time and money. It has a lot of bugs and also slow execution of trades and high spreads. Out of 10 trades a week 8 were unsuccessful. I tried it over several nights and the platform is crashing or getting crazy spreads. I wouldn't recommend it. Made me lose 400$
Author: Ezze | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: NordFx
I don’t think Nord Fx is a good broker and my advice is please be careful when trading with Nord. I normally used SL and TP setting to help me on platform. However, I found that execution was terrible and poor especially after news while order was never executed properly. The platform always frozen and disabled me from proceed any trading activities. It was really bad and I think broker has manipulated the system. This is bad practice and I am no more trade with this broker! Please do something with the system otherwise you will be in a bad reputation soon!
Author: fxhwangjungeum | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: FXArena
I've been trading with FXArena about a year and already had enough to get profit with the strategies that they bring to me. And when I felt I had enough profits, I tried to withdraw my profit today but I was surprised when I got an email from them saying that my account is under investigation due to the abnormal trading activities that they had seen on my account. I immediately contacted their customer support and now still in handling by them
Author: hayet | 2017-03-17 | Forex section: Bforex
I uninstalled the Mobile platform, also known as a Mobile-PROfit because it is too buggy. It kept on freezing and some of the trading features didn't work. It says that the platform is compatible with Both Apple & Android users, but it doesn't work for me. I couldn't execute an order using my phone. In fact, I lost 32 usd when I tried to place an order using my phone. That was last month when I lost some of my fund. The Call back is useless. I requested a call from their "forexperts" and heard nothing from them.