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Welcome to the website which name is self-explanatory: we created this Forex broker rating to conduct the statistics and record of different brokers, providing traders with independent assessment and opportunity to leave their comments about any broker. Moreover, at this resource you will find reference information about brokers, presented in a rating of Forex brokers, including Swap-free brokers and, for example, MetaTrader brokers. Forex analytical materials, published by numerous Forex brokers at our website, are live FX analytics of Forex market professionals. We hope that information derived from the Forex broker rating will be useful for all Forex-traders!

To appraise the popularity of a Forex broker there is offered each user to vote for the most respectable broker. In order to make the voting maximally impartial, one may vote for a broker only once a day. Any attempts to increase rating artificially will be terminated by the system and manual moderating of voting results and it increases its value. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that given Forex brokers rating 100% represents the facts and do not contain mistakes in assessment of Forex brokers from all over the world.

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Forex broker rating: review and comparison

Name Info For Against Vote Comments
1 InstaForex Read reviews 87% 13%   
2 ForexMart Read reviews 81% 19%   
3 SuperForex Read reviews 73% 27%   
4 TeleTRADE D.J. Read reviews 70% 30%   
5 NewForex Read reviews 68% 32%   
6 Corsa Capital Read reviews 66% 34%   
7 Interactive Brokers Read reviews 65% 35%   
8 City Index Read reviews 64% 36%   
9 Cobra Trading Read reviews 63% 37%   
10 Premium4X Read reviews 62% 38%   
11 Oanda Read reviews 61% 39%   
12 Swissquote Read reviews 60% 40%   
13 Hotspot FX LLC Read reviews 59% 41%   
14 GCI Financial Read reviews 58% 42%   
15 FXDD Read reviews 57% 43%   

Last comments

Author: Ren | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: Hotspot FX LLC
Just today a terrible experienced has just happened to my account. The dealing desk was trading against me. the charts are frozen Whenever the markets moves the platform freezes and the price went higher. There is no chance that I can enter the market. Fair warming to you and others, DO NOT trade with this broker, again, I am speaking from personal experience...
Author: Jones | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: Forex Club
In last year, when I looked for a good broker to trade in a long time, and I was recommended to Forex Club by my friend. Then, I chose trading with Forex Club, because this broker satisfies all my needs and provides favorable trading conditions. At the beginning, I made a small deposit with 150$, and I also earn some profit with 50$. This makes me pleased, and I continue trading with this broker by put more money to invest. Yesterday, I just received money when I made a request of withdrawal with 800$. This broker makes me surprised when they transferred money to my account in a short time – 3 hours. In addition, Forex Club has no slippages and no requotes so far. I appreciate Forex Club because this company taught me a lot. Thus, during trading with this broker, Forex Club made me become a professional trader at the moment. In fact, their site provides all the necessary information for me and there are also different educational materials that help me to learn the base principals of trading. All in all, Forex Club is a broker that you really can trust, and I highly recommend this broker to all traders.
Author: Chris | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: Valutrades
Valutrades is the best broker I have ever traded, because I satisfy all things at this broker. I joined this broker in last year, when I was impressed their advertising on their site. At the beginning, I was also scared with new broker, so I just invested with small amount with 150$. Luckily, I earned some profit, and this thing makes me happy. Hence, I put more money to trade, and now my capital is over 800$. 2 days ago, I just made a huge profit with 850$, when I traded 700$. At that time, I’m pleased and I decided to withdraw money. Their withdrawal process is so fast, I only waited 3 hours that money came to my account. It’s excellent. Their customer service is polite and honest. They usually explain me clearly and solve my problems soon when I contact them. In addition, Valutrades has the best platform on the forex market, and I think this is my last broker. Generally, Valutrades is really a great broker, and they are suitable for every trader. Therefore, I advise you should try this broker – Valutrades.
Author: fxbanjirbukangenangan | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: NewForex
New Forex is the best broker and highly compatible broker. They provide two types of trading accounts, First Stream and New Grade. I chose New Grade and has gained much profit in just 5 months. The benefits that I get 30% of which is a bonus to every deposit and Access to Islamic accounts. In addition, the broker also provides daily analysis that very useful for understanding my trading strategy, so I'm not going to lose profit or fail later. Customer support they are also very friendly and ready to help 24 hours and I was greatly helped by the directives of their current period of initial trading. I feel very grateful to New Forex broker.
Author: nawad | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: Swissquote
One of the best Forex companies that I've been traded with. Swiss quotes offers competitive spreads. Remember, the oath taking of US President Trump. The spreads remain competitive and it's the reason why I am still trading with them. During that time, I earned substantial amount, my earnings increased from 5% to 15 %. They didn't even bother to cancel my profits. Anyway, the actual amount was $712. It's too big, isn't it? Everything is possible with them as long as you follow the rules. The only problem that I noticed is that they have a limited payment processors, I hope they will add more payment systems. I also want to take this opportunity to thank their Customer Care center for solving my problem about account verification.
Author: Nong | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: GCI Financial
I am with GCI Financial since 2014. Trading is always smooth with them, no problems with the platform or charts, orders are instantly executed. I earn around $2000 a month. I withdrew almost 3 times in a week’s and every time I get money during the day without any hassle. Another important factor for me when I choose a broker is technical support. Technical support of GCI Financial works 24/7, you can get answers to any questions. I recommended this broker.
Author: Teng DoubleMaru | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: SuperForex
superforex the 5th broker that I’ve been use and so far there is no problem that I face because of their credibility. I’m using no spread account with them and it’s really help me a lot in term of learning session to improve my trading analysis. Due to no spread I can gain profit every time I entry if my analysis is going like what I forecast. If floating it will be floating only not include spread so that my margin can hold floating more than I’m using account that have spread. Initial deposit as low as 1 USD I’m just deposit 100 USD and set the leverage to 1:1000. By using bank transfer I only need to wait 1 hour to complete the process to be credited into my trading account and for me it fast enough already and same goes with withdraw process. So far for 7 month using this broker, I manage to gain profit for 500 USD every month and I’ll stop trading once I achieve my target. Thank you for provide this type of account that make me more confident to entry.
Author: therealdannyhasid | 2017-02-21 | Forex section: Premium4X
I never had a problem with premium4x, i got rejected from dukascopy. Premium4x is a very transparent broker, You can do whatever you would like to do, scalping, news trading, spike trading, anything and for me it is definitely a broker you should consider if you are serious about trading
Author: Jozsef | 2017-02-20 | Forex section: SuperForex
I haven't run into any problems with Admiral Market. Their conditions seem very good, all withdrawals were done successfully (sometimes brokers have issues with it, if so it's probably scammers!) I had to withdraw a certain sum, and the staff was helpful enough with it. Withdrew it in a matter of minutes.
Author: Leeroy002 | 2017-02-20 | Forex section: Vector Securities
I used ICVector 4 months ago they are terrible broker. In important news hour I have just experienced a 60 pips slippage on several trades. Also not during news time they started to block the possibility to close my position when it was a gaining position. So I advice do not trade with this broker. I waste my 4 months with this broker.