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7/10 (votes 100)
On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: Belize
Regulation: IFSC
Payment options: bank transfer, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, NETELLER
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: 1:1000
Spreads: fixed
SuperForex is an international licensed brokerage company which provides financial and investment services for both individual and corporate clients. The company is represented in more than 100 European, Asian and Middle East markets.
In accordance with official website, SuperForex business is built on principles of transparency and honesty. The team of highly educated and experienced employees always works on services’ improvement and development. The mission of SuperForex is to make online trading for its customers profitable and comfortable.
Trading with SuperForex is conducted through the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.
SuperForex advantages:
  • over 300 currency pairs;
  • 34 CFDs;
  • access to Forex instruments, CFDs, futures, and indices;
  • standard and swap-free accounts;
  • competitive spreads;
  • economic news and analysis;
  • 24/7 live support.
SuperForex offers its traders exclusive bonus programs and rewards loyal clients with special benefits.
SuperForex is on the list of young and fast growing brokers and already has a range of awards which proves company's professionalism.
On this page you can find traders comments on SuperForex advantages and disadvantages. If you have already worked with this broker, please share your opinion.
Web-site: SuperForex
Author of SuperForex review: Teng DoubleMaru. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-21 10:24:26
superforex the 5th broker that I’ve been use and so far there is no problem that I face because of their credibility. I’m using no spread account with them and it’s really help me a lot in term of learning session to improve my trading analysis. Due to no spread I can gain profit every time I entry if my analysis is going like what I forecast. If floating it will be floating only not include spread so that my margin can hold floating more than I’m using account that have spread. Initial deposit as low as 1 USD I’m just deposit 100 USD and set the leverage to 1:1000. By using bank transfer I only need to wait 1 hour to complete the process to be credited into my trading account and for me it fast enough already and same goes with withdraw process. So far for 7 month using this broker, I manage to gain profit for 500 USD every month and I’ll stop trading once I achieve my target. Thank you for provide this type of account that make me more confident to entry.
Author of SuperForex review: Jozsef. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-20 16:23:54
I haven't run into any problems with Admiral Market. Their conditions seem very good, all withdrawals were done successfully (sometimes brokers have issues with it, if so it's probably scammers!) I had to withdraw a certain sum, and the staff was helpful enough with it. Withdrew it in a matter of minutes.
Author of SuperForex review: Vladimir. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-16 15:17:07
I'm trading on this broker a few months. the only thing i remember is that it took a long till they verified my account, when I complained they explained me it was for my account securities. after that I feel comfortable. I prefer superforex because they offer less deposit amount and faster withdrawal than other brokers have.
Author of SuperForex review: DankoMalic. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-10 12:16:16
So far so good. I think superforex is a great platform to trade on in terms of flexibility on leverage. preciseness of lot size, as well as prompt payment, although they are new but I believe they are equal to the task as they claim, just give them a trial
Author of SuperForex review: Traian. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-08 13:10:30
Like trading with superfrex cause of their soft conditions to traders. Company always ready to help their clients. They have a good reputation among other brokers so they are real professional. Would like to say about their execution of orders - really fast, minimum requotes. There are times when spreads widen during major news I guess, but that’s normal. In other words I'm able to recommend superforex, have a nice trading and big profit.
Author of SuperForex review: Ryan. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-02-07 07:07:23
I'm trade in the Forex market since 2010. During this time I replaced the 5 major brokers. Today I trade with superforex only, because he has the most favorable conditions and the most honest transaction. Even at a time of high volatility market superforex try to help clients and often reimburse losing trades, if the client's account has any defects. In addition, there have low spreads and the widest leverage on Forex, for me, as an experienced trader it is very convenient.
Author of SuperForex review: Phill. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-01-25 10:09:54
I am still a beginner in trading. But Superforex helps me to study. In the beginning I was very pleased. Many errors committed by myself, then I began to improve. When written in support for some trifle, they immediately helped. Spreads normal and in general, I am satisfied with everything. The reliability is also no doubt.
Author of SuperForex review: Neven. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-01-20 14:27:08
I want to leave a positive review, I first trained on a demo account, I liked terminal and I am trading in real now, also I am trying to take part in their competition. Input-output without any problem. There was a little problem with support, but it was solved quickly.
Author of SuperForex review: Constantin. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-01-11 15:40:42
This company provides comfortable conditions to trade and work. Their support help you to solve problems, which you are having. After registration I received letter in 4 hours and started to trade. The platform is also normal, in MT4 all fits me. And the main thing is that the orders are processed immediately
Author of SuperForex review: Peter. Date and time of SuperForex review: 2017-01-06 17:51:55
The company is normal, working not only for ourselves. I have a positive impression for now, courses are true. It seems to me that everybody can works with superforex even if there is no money, because they offer a minimum deposit of 1$.

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