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On-line since 2003
Country of origin Cyprus
Regulation ASIC, 246566, CySEC, 079/07
Payment options Credit cards, PayPal
Minimum account size $25
Minimum lot size 0.05 lot
Leverage 1:200
Spreads 4 pips on EUR/USD

easyMarkets Company took its rise in 2001.
easyMarkets Company is a division of the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence registered by the Moscow Chamber on January 12, 1993.
easyMarkets broker cooperates with ICVector Company organizing the international trading at Forex currency market.
easyMarkets system allows running trading operations in small amounts.
The feature of easyMarkets™ trading platform is that the trader has an opportunity to freeze the current rate of Buy or Sell for a few seconds and do not depend on further rate fluctuations.

Author of easyMarkets review: Zoe Said. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-10-05 20:53:36
Signed up in easyMarkets to try the new cancel deal tool and recommend it. It is quite expensive but saved me over 500$$$ on my trade so worth it
Author of easyMarkets review: Anurag. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-09-27 11:16:03
I have a account with easy forex broker. Few days iwas trading with them. After some trades of easy forex I saw they only cancel my all profit trades not loss trade. I complain to them and waiting for reply from last 2 weeks. It does not matter that they scam people first then change trading name from easy forex to easy markets.
Author of easyMarkets review: Julie. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-09-27 09:34:47
Easy Forex is a scam brooker. There is nothing good with Easy Forex. Easy Forex cancel my trades where I make profit. Easy Forex will not give you profits. You get only your deposit back if make profit. Otherwise, if you lose money, they will pretend that they feel bad but they become happy when their clients account hit to zero. Easy Forex cancel my profit 1170$. Many traders are complaning same thing here, and I’m not only one person. Please avoid Easy Forex, this broker is scammed.
Author of easyMarkets review: PiperniSpiperni. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-09-20 06:23:48
I used Easy Forex for almost a year. Right now my experience with Easy Forex is not so good. Their platform is a nightmare, it hangs a lot especially during news and to open/close a position you have to go through too many clicks. My stop loss price does not hit and lost my money. When I complained they said someone they could do nothing about it! Very risky.
Author of easyMarkets review: Balaz. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-09-19 09:32:55
I had account with easy-forex.com last year, I withdrawn $1000 from my easy forex account to my Bank Alfalah bank account. My bank asked me for source of funds. I told easy-forex is sender and my trading account is with them. Which my bank rejected saying wire SWIFT sender details incomplete and also sender is not Easy Forex and my bank will return money back to sender. When I asked easy forex for transaction. They provided me receipt. Then, my bank returned this $1000 back to sender. And till now, Easy Forex doesn’t reply if I ask again and again. They just say me to keep patience, their finance department is checking. And they will contact me soon. I have provided copy of my bank that funds are returned to remitter. However, it’s now more than 18 months and Easy Forex still asking to wait. Be careful this broker.
Author of easyMarkets review: shilula banks. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-09-12 15:03:30
fix spreads, nicepeople and long time in businesbad points takes time to check my docand no welcome bonusdepend what you want but I give 4 stars
Author of easyMarkets review: fxkaoskakibiru. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-07-14 03:08:51
Most of trading strategies that they provide to me was not give some benefit, but instead made me lose day after day, they didn't see the market conditions at the time. The analysis that provided by experts from Easy Forex was very wrong, almost chaotic, not well understood even tend to confusing me. The point is, join with them can make you more confused how is the correct trading.
Author of easyMarkets review: pipekhem. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-06-28 01:34:23
I'm not happy with their customer support. When I'm looking somewhere to invest in, very good customer support is always I will look for. When I receive an email from them after I asked a question, it will just be plain answers. I want them to make me feel safe and happy if I become their customer. I hope they add some feelings on their emails since I have already received warm responses from other forex brokers.
Author of easyMarkets review: srinivas rk . Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-06-16 07:18:34
Every process that happen in this broker not ever delay they always on time to process it and nothing have problem during I trade in instaforex so everything it's ok.
Author of easyMarkets review: Roth. Date and time of easyMarkets review: 2016-06-16 04:12:20
The spread at Easy-Forex is way too high compering with other brokers. Moreover, the account limits made me loose some money, because they were not fast enough to remove my limit, after having submitted all the documents. They are behind the technology and the senior management is totally unprofessional.

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