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8/10 (votes 100)
On-line since: 2007
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: CRFIN
Payment options: QIWI, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay, Boleto, Payco, NETELLER, MegaTransfer, bank transfers, cash (InstaForex dealer)
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.01
Leverage: 1:1000
Spreads: 3 pips on EUR/USD
InstaForex is an ECN broker, which has been providing access to the trading operations on the international monetary market since 2007. The company has more than 2,000,000 customers. InstaForex offers one of the best trading conditions and contract specifications. Moreover, the company provides the customers with a wide range of bonuses and services such as the PAMM system and ForexCopy enabling the clients with different knowledge level to earn money on Forex.
Furthermore, series of competitions and campaigns amounts to 12. Besides the prize money, the traders can win mobile devices and luxurious cars such as Porsche Cayman and Jaguar F-Type.
Before going live with any broker, traders should learn advantages and disadvantages of each company. InstaForex review in the Comment section will help traders choose a company to work with.
If it is the first time you choose a broker, first of all, you should pay attention to the service quality, initial deposit, and leverage. Moreover, you should find information about broker's trade turnover and the number of active live accounts, which can tell you whether the company is worth dealing with. The more clients a company has, the higher the quality and security of its service is. More than 1,000 new accounts are registered with InstaForex every day. The company has over 265 representative offices worldwide.
"Social life" of any company is also very important. It demonstrates how often the company takes part in different international and regional events and what it has achieved while operating on Forex.
InstaForex review sent by the company's clients can help you make the right choice from the huge list of different companies.
If you are an InstaForex client, please leave your comment and review of your cooperation with the company. Thus, you will help other traders find worth-while provider of Forex services.
You can find reviews sent by InstaForex traders with different work experience below. Using these comments, you can choose the most appropriate Forex company.
Web-site: InstaForex
Author of InstaForex review: JhoneyFX. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-16 22:56:15
I am very happy working with this broker. I started as a beginner 3 years ago but after all gained experience, I became a professional in this market. During my time as a trader, I didn't experience too much problems, I mean, volatility from time to time in the market but in those events, this broker always provided me the best help. Spreads were always fixed, so I could get good earnings, up to $1,000 in two months. Now I am a partner and they pay me punctually all my commissions.
Author of InstaForex review: Ally. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-13 11:25:49
I feel happy when I trade with InstaForex. At the moment, there have many broker to trade in forex market, but it’s so difficult to choose a good broker which you can trust and put your money to trade. Therefore, I think I make a right decision to choose InstaForex for trading. I joined this broker 3 years ago, and I satisfy all their services. Thus, this broker always provides me with their best services to support me in trading, so I usually have good trades at here. Their trade execution speed is awesome, and the support staff is great and helpful. From time to time, InstaForex send alerts to me when market participants are massively short or long. In addition, their spread is a bit high but they are true STP NDD so that is not a problem for me. Last week, I just earned profit with 800$, and I can receive money in a short time within 24 hours working day when I made request with this broker. Up to now, my fund has grown up to 1000$ from my first deposit – 100$. All in all, I highly recommend InstaForex to everyone, and InstaForex is the best broker in Asia as well as for me.
Author of InstaForex review: Muang. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-09 10:15:37
I have been introduced with one IB about InstaForex about 1 year ago. Until now, I still trade with them. It was very true what was said by professional trader, to start trading with small amount, it was fine to have small profit at the beginning rather than bigger loss. With InstaForex, it allowed me to execute trade with minimum $1, and good for a maximum risk management strategy.
Author of InstaForex review: Kruger. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-06 06:37:30
Everyone knows InstaForex is the best broker at Asia and most secure and reliable. Instaforex also provides the best trading platform. They provide MT4 and MT5 that makes the trading process run smoothly. At the beginning, I just invested about 150USD and now I have over 500 USD for almost 5 month trading with instaforex. Two months ago I follow one of their contest and I managed to become one of the winners of the contest. InstaForex always give many gifts for traders. Their bonus also help me in trading activity that allow me to hold my position more than 1 day. Overall I would say this broker is simply great and would advise all to use InstaForex for their trading.
Author of InstaForex review: Ali Shalabna. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-05 11:12:48
i have only good wards to say about instaforex especially the instaoption service provided to all customers which can be lucrative if you know how to trade carefully and slowly..beside their online support is quick and the information given to traders an all issues is always useful and clear .
Author of InstaForex review: Chisholm. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-03 11:38:06
After joining forex world many years, I can say that Instaforex is the best broker I have ever traded. Thus, whenever I had problem, their customer support immediately resolved the issue I have. I only invest $350 through their Instadebitcard and after two weeks I earned profits and decided to cash it out. Indeed, I'm proud to say that I have never had problems in taking out of my profit. I observed that they constantly upgrades their services to provide the best trading condition for me. I just recently joined their trading contest and I am hoping to win. Currency trading is like taking a good education is a big university, it require a lot of knowledge, information, skills, and trading experience to become proficient to understand the market condition. Sum up, I highly recommend InstaForex to all traders.
Author of InstaForex review: Faversani. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-02 12:04:32
Everyone knows InstaForex is the best broker at Asia and I also love this broker because of having good trades. At the beginning, I just invested about 150$ and now I have over 800$. Thus, InstaForex has CFDs available stock indices and huge profits possible. I have just traded with InstaForex for 5 months, so up to now, my point with this broker has been good. They have many great services such as: fast execution, and tight spreads. I trade in forex world 5 years, and I have experienced with many brokers. Hence, I know each broker also had good and bad things. In fact, InstaForex has many good conditions to trade for all traders, but I think Instaforex only improve one thing such as bonus. Although, all traders can get bonus in trading with InstaForex, but it only applies for the first account at here. In my opinion, they need to have more interesting bonus’s programs, because this will make traders have more pleasure in trading. All in all, Instaforex is a good broker!!!
Author of InstaForex review: Giorgio_mt. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-03-01 22:08:27
Amazing broker. I like Insta because it's a very dynamic broker. They always have new services to offer, they have a lot of competition and contests and bonuses program is amazing. Every time I made a deposit I received a bonus and it helps me to make great profits. Spreads are tight and there are no hidden commissions. Broker is honest and client support is always ready to help. My first replenishment was 200$ and now, after 2 moths, I have more than 3000$ of available funds. Their system allows customer to make money, it will not play against you. I strongly recommend Insta to all.
Author of InstaForex review: Xuriam. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-02-24 06:20:27
It's possible to expand the profits during news time because the spreads remain consistent and reasonable. News trading is completely safe. Two days ago, I added some funds in my account thru PayCO. The money was worth 600 USD and it was credited after several hours. Anyway, the reason why I funded my account again is that I want to hold position for 3 days or more. It's my first time and am not afraid of doing it because I knew this company is an honest broker.
Author of InstaForex review: Lasog. Date and time of InstaForex review: 2017-02-16 12:29:23
I had several issues with this broker when I was starting but my account manager spends several minutes on the phone talking to me to suggest different solutions and do follow ups. it was great because he is really courteous and professional. The spreads aren't the best among others but the execution is consistently great. My account number is 1236854 and the rewards, bonus program and the weekly contests are great!

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