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6/10 (votes 100)
On-line since: 1997
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Registerd with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA ID #0325821).
Payment options: Check, Credit/debit cards ,PayPal, Wire transfer
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.00001 lot
Leverage: 1:50
Spreads: 1,2 pips on EUR/USD

Oanda Company was established in 1995.
Oanda uses innovative technologies for providing trading services at Forex market for individual traders and large corporations, from portfolio managers to big financial institutions.
Oanda Company is a member of Forex international market and a reliable resource of currency rates. The Company has an access to the largest in the world quotation database with the most frequently and filtered renewal of information.

Web-site: Oanda
Author of Oanda review: Kai Badu. Date and time of Oanda review: 2017-03-24 10:29:33
Requested a withdrawal last February but was asked to submit IDs for verification. I did submit a day after. I was expecting a confirming email but instead I received an email informing me they had to check again my docs. I had been withdrawing funds without hassle prior to this request, so I didn't see the point of this. My 430USD has yet to reach my account as of date. They started acting weird when I began gaining profits for 6 straight days.
Author of Oanda review: Gyaj. Date and time of Oanda review: 2017-03-06 13:50:07
This has been my favorite broker since 2015. For 2 years of trading with Oanda, they have been very active in upgrading with promotions and services. The 30% deposit bonus was excellent and the customer support has been very helpful specially in times of having minor issues. They have wide variety of withdrawal options and fast processors. I dont get requotes in any of my trades. I started with a capital of $20 but since my funds have been growing fast i now have earned with almost $50-80 weekly. It is very nice for newbies who take it seriously.
Author of Oanda review: GloryPips. Date and time of Oanda review: 2017-01-15 10:08:25
I am very satisfied with Oanda. I am new comer for Forex trading. But the demo account Oanda has a lot of informative tools and I feel great after the training. It boosts my trading skills. Oanda team trained me about the markets and helped me to gain conistent profits on my capital. I am much more confident now and i am referring lot of people to Oanda I have also never encountered slippage although i don't trade the news or scalp.
Author of Oanda review: Harle_FX. Date and time of Oanda review: 2017-01-02 14:01:30
I has a trading account on Oanda broker, I realized that their MT4 didn’t match with others MT4 platform. When I compare Oanda prices to outside charts from e-signal, if the price is rising Oanda will be 3-4 pips higher. If the price is starting to fall on e-signal, Oanda will be 3-4 pips lower. Thus they pick up an extra 6-8 pips on a trade. They should just tell us they have a 7-9 pip spread. So I decided to go over Oanda MT4. I think Oanda don’t want us to do simulations with their historical data. They didn't want we make money. Actually want from us more and more to trade volatility when my simulations performs a lot better when I trade when the markets are quiet and not important economic data are revealed!
Author of Oanda review: Lane. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-09-26 11:42:19
The spreads at Oanda are the worse ever. I'm a pure news trader. I do not recommend Oanda to any who plans to trade news events. I just did a simple news trade just now with GBPUSD pair. On news release, their "ask line" barely moved a bit! All at the same time, the market price dived! The spike on the news was about 20 pips...but since the ask line hardly moved down along with the market price. The spread came out to be 13-16 pips! I had a 1 lot size trade size for this one; once my order was executed, the spread was so wide. I was already at -$150 since the news only moved about 20 pips. Hence, there was no way to make profit off of this trade. Oanda is terrible for news trading. I am scared just thinking about trading Nonfarm payroll for usd with oanda tomorrow. I scared of having a 70 pip spread and lose over 50% of my account. I close my Oanda account and never return to this broker. I would not recommend for news traders!!!
Author of Oanda review: andrei. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-09-22 04:03:46
they used to be good and fast withdrawals but no more: usually the withdrawals were processed in a couple of hours, for the last one i'm still waiting (12 hours since confirmation and it's not even processed yet!) and i called 2 times the customer services to receive 2 different versions of excuses! First one said that it will be sped up and proccessed immediately (didn't happen) - the second one told me that nah, all payments are made late in the evening - lies, because i had many withdrawals with them and i received the money in my account during the day! As I said, I am still waiting! I am an intraday trader so it wasnt even a big amount - I am just very frustrated, so inconsistency. The fast processing was one of the reasons why i preferred them in the first place!
Author of Oanda review: Conrad. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-09-21 12:35:26
I have been trading with Oanda for 6 months. For a while I was making money. My account increased by 10 percent! Then, some weird and unexpected things started to happen. I would place a trade only to see the price action switch and grab my stop loss. This happened so many times, I thought there was something wrong with me. But I took a look at some of the things on youtube about market makers and found that market makers work with brokers. I found that usually brokers and market makers work together on a daily basis, but not for long term trading. So I started trading long term I wouldn't get caught by Oanda market maker. On January 14, the CHF/JPY took a record move long and Oanda claims that the banks would not communicate with them at this time because of chaos in market volitility. I lost 9000 pips more than I was supposed to. They wiped out more than one third of my account. I called to speak to manager. After a lot of talking the manager admitted that the only way Oanda has a chance of making money is by being a market maker. Totally admitted it! I felt like throwing up. If you want to keep your money than find a broker that is not a market maker. Dig deep and make sure it is true. I will be looking into this further to see if I can get some of this money back.
Author of Oanda review: ARMANDO RENSULAT. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-08-30 15:03:17
I am newbie from OANDA, so far so Good. All the agent representative are very accommodating, they give you a lot references/ linked as your guiding tool how to start in trading. As of now, still on going training and according I wish I can do better in the near future I will fully understand all the teaching given to me. Thanks a lot OANDA all throughout the support. God Bless and more success
Author of Oanda review: pipdelliethreesyadinda. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-08-18 04:09:24
Since I join with Oanda until now I don't understand why I have always failed when I want to withdraw. Start from internet connection was error, errors on verification, until no more responses from the Oanda, even though I've repeatedly submitted my complaint via email but until now remained no response from them.
Author of Oanda review: zaren. Date and time of Oanda review: 2016-08-04 05:30:57
I've been trading with Oanda for few years now and here's my testimony about this broker. 1st, why I trade with Oanda. I live in Malaysia and this broker have office in Singapore that is very convenient for me to deposit my funds. That's for start of course. Also it's easy for me to get support. My experience with this broker in term of support was great! Really friendly staff and they solve my issue really fast. 2nd, the trading platform. Although they offer MetaTrader as trading platform, their own fxTrade platform is awesome! It takes time to familiarise with it but when you get hang of it, it's simple and easy to use with detachable charts and trading directly from the chart is also possible. Execution time also great. 3rd, trading lot. With Oanda, I can trade almost any lot that I want. They also have automatic lot calculation setting where you can send order with optimised lot size precalculated for your convenience such as trading size at 5% of your account balance. 4th, withdrawal also going smoothly. No issue with withdrawal in my years of experience with Oanda Singapore. But, there's some issue also with this broker. 1st, the SMS authorisation. Sometimes the SMS takes time to arrive at my phone but I opt for google authenticator and it was solved. Maybe many trader found this authorisation sometimes be a problem but after using Google authenticator, everything is good for me. 2nd is the leverage. Oanda offer 1:50 leverage not like other broker that offer larger leverage. For me, it's okay... in fact, my other trading account with another broker only use maximum leverage at 1:100 only. That's it. My overall review of this broker is positive. I like Oanda and will stick with them for years to come.

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