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Name For Against Vote Comments
IFC Markets 0% 100%
ArgusFX 0% 100%
A-Conversio Capital Limited 0% 100%
AAATrade 0% 100%
Atlantic Securities 0% 100%
6 ClickTrade 0% 100%
7 7Q Financial Services 0% 100%
8 3D Global 0% 100%
9 UBK Markets 0% 100%
10 EZINVEST 0% 100%
11 FXORO 0% 100%
12 Mega Equity 0% 100%
13 NicoFx 0% 100%
14 Trading 212 0% 100%
15 Just2Trade 0% 100%

Last comments

Author: Citali | 2021-10-20 | Forex section: WIT
I opened an account at WIT broker a week ago. So far, I am still making some decent trades and the platform is running smoothly. The customer support team is also responsive and friendly.
Author: Tahmina | 2021-10-20 | Forex section: BCS Forex
BCS has low minimum initial deposit but their trading platform is terrible. Good thing I only invested $10 to see how their services are. I found out that the platform malfunctions frequently and I was not able to get back my deposit anymore.
Author: Xenya | 2021-10-19 | Forex section: Binomo
I'm trading with Binomo broker, and it's been more than a year. Everything was going well, until last 3 months thier platform started crashing and unstable. it seems they didn't take care of their trading platform properly. Because of that, I lost significant amount in my account. I lost $650 in single trade because platform crashed and hang when I was about to close my order. I got different position and my money is gone. I feel so disappointed to trade with them, so I decided to close my account at this boker.
Author: Sean | 2021-10-19 | Forex section: JustForex
I run a scalping EA on EUR/JPY and it has been trading more since I moved it to Just Forex. Zero slippage, yes that right, its hard to believe but their servers and pricing feed is great. First time I learned with demo accounts which I managed to maintain in profit for 2 months. I then switched to a real account which I am continuing to grow nicely. Now I am a full-time day trader with Just Forex broker. In my opinion, They are a good broker and this is a safe place to put money for investing. Also, regulated, secure, fast withdrawal and super support, very good trading. They have super promotions, low spreads, very good execution, better liquidity than other brokers.
Author: Nandy | 2021-10-18 | Forex section: Rinkost Markets
I already made two withdrawals from Rinkost Markets. Both transactions were done in a short time and there were not hidden charges. The customer support team is also highly approachable so there is no issue when it comes to communicating with the broker.
Author: Asrodi | 2021-10-18 | Forex section: Finam
Finam is great if you are a beginner and you just want to practice your trading skills. The company does not require a huge capital so it is really suitable for beginners. However, as a professional, I am looking for more advanced tools which the company is not able to provide.
Author: Reint | 2021-10-18 | Forex section: TurboForex
Chose this broker because here I found necessary trading tools. Last month, I held two positions for more than a week and I had a very profitable outcome. It only proves that Turboforex is one of the best company nowadays. I've already have some profit and tried to withdraw $1,000 profit successfully. So it works. Good broker which is not cheating their customers. And I had a profit more than about 25% deposit. And the second pleasant thing is they have no commission and fees. The trading cost is reasonable thus giving the clients more opportunity to profit.
Author: Sushan | 2021-10-18 | Forex section: TradingBanks
TradingBanks is one of the worst brokers I've traded in forex market. I joined this broker last year, and they make me disappointed so much. In the beginning, this broker makes me pleased when I traded with them. Thus, this broker always supports me, and I easily get profit from them. However, everything becomes bad when I put more money to invest in this year. My initial fund grew up to $1000 from $200 in last year. On the other hand, it’s only $200 in this year when I get many losses. In fact, I’m hardly to made profit when I trade with large amount of money. Therefore, I decided to leave this broker by closing my account, but they don’t let me do this. They require me continue trading or deposit more money. Finally, I lost rest money, and I realize that they are the bad broker. In addition, their spread is also expensive among other brokers, and the customer support is rude. Especially, the worst thing about them is that they seem to always be trading against the individual traders, and I always got losses in trading. At the moment, I’m going to find another broker to trade, because I don’t want to work with this scammer any more. Stay away this broker.
Author: Mando | 2021-10-15 | Forex section: BFSforex
I opened an account at BFSforex a month ago. So far, the experience is great. I am able to make profitable trades even with a small capital. They also provide some helpful tips through their Forex education to help us improve as traders.
Author: Miklos | 2021-10-15 | Forex section: Gainsy
Although the minimum initial deposit at Gainsy is very low, you will still need to add more funds after a few days because you cannot survive with such a small capital. Especially when the spread at the broker is variable.
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