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Name For Against Vote Comments
IFC Markets 0% 100%
ArgusFX 0% 100%
A-Conversio Capital Limited 0% 100%
AAATrade 0% 100%
Atlantic Securities 0% 100%
6 ClickTrade 0% 100%
7 7Q Financial Services 0% 100%
8 3D Global 0% 100%
9 UBK Markets 0% 100%
10 EZINVEST 0% 100%
11 FXORO 0% 100%
12 Mega Equity 0% 100%
13 NicoFx 0% 100%
14 Trading 212 0% 100%
15 Just2Trade 0% 100%

Last comments

Author: Rodriguez | 2024-02-15 | Forex section: SuperForex
I am happy to find SuperForex and here I have invested almost $1K last six months. I can make $2.3 K and I never faced any major issues so far. The spreads are fixed and my EA works fine on news time. Overall, SuperForex is a perfect broker
Author: Irish | 2024-02-14 | Forex section: ForexMart
ForexMart has a comfortable trading platform with live price quotes and many helpful tools. while they have a fixed spread and instant order execution. I can deal on a high-tech platform to make $540 so far. I have several withdrawals with ForexMart broker. They give fast and amazing service.
Author: Farmer | 2024-02-07 | Forex section: InstaForex
Instaforex has a outstanding platform in the market, I found instant order execution and my position never slipped so far. So I can do scalp strategy comfortably with their fixed spread. Even their expert trade signal is accurate and I can utilize it in my market entry or exit. I have invested $500 and it reached $1K. Their payment process is so fast that I am able to do my trading business properly.
Author: Edison | 2024-02-05 | Forex section: MXTrade
MXTrade is a losing machine, as I placed an order of .10 lot size with a Stop Loss at 15 pips distance and the platform executed that Stop Loss at 26 pips, and I lost $248 just in a few hours. Immediately l make a call to their customer center support but they refuse to adjust this loss. This fault is not from my end so why should I take liabilities? How I can get my money back from the MXTrade broker? I have a screenshot in my trades. Please help me!
Author: Duncan | 2024-02-01 | Forex section: IQ Option
I recommended IQ Option for traders. Here I got a fixed spread and many wonderful tools on the MT4 platform, which is the most effective and attractive for Options trading. So I can see some good service and I will be sticking with IQ Option.
Author: Henry | 2024-01-30 | Forex section: Fx Swiss
Fx Swiss has given me a painful experience so far. They have a terrible trading platform, especially mad during the news. I got slippage on every news publish time. in addition, they take a very long time to process my withdrawals. Last month I made a withdrawal request of $250 through Skrill and 8 days later they transferred my money! I decided to leave Fx Swiss and move forward.
Author: Catherine | 2024-01-29 | Forex section: FX Private
FX Private has a professional platform, here order execution quality is live and has many advanced functions. I've found the best graphing chart and profitable analytics. I am a scalper. Overall I say they have the best service.
Author: Horace | 2024-01-28 | Forex section: Royal Forex
Royal Forex broker isn't safe for my investment. I say they have many issues on their platform, such as when I want to close my order, it doesn't execute or when I've made a withdrawal request, then it almost hangs. The main issue is the platform, as the price isn't live and execution is always delayed. Generally, I got slippage in my order and didn't execute on time, even if it hit TP/SL. Royal Forex broker is awful for trading.
Author: Daniel | 2024-01-25 | Forex section: NAS
I enjoyed trading on the NAS’s platform. I haven't had any issues with my EA on their platform and it working almost instant with a live price. I want to continuing my trading with NAS.
Author: Shorter | 2024-01-24 | Forex section: Dynamic Trade
Dynamic Trade is not suitable for me. My orders were executed at a fake price and TP ignored them. If I call their support team to solve the problem, then they always say the market has slippage the price you tried to get in at. I don't understand how the market always slippage prices. I have wasted my time and money with Dynamic Trade.
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