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Author: Gazia | 2021-09-23 | Forex section: Gainsy
After 5 months I joined them, I can say that Gainsy is not a good broker. They take a lot of time for withdrawals and deposits to process and they can make me wait for a reply for several days. I thought they would fix it and would make changes, but they didn't. When I called their customer support, they kept saying it was because my network connection was bad and the system I chose was the problem. Still, the reality is I never faced a bad connection when I asked for withdrawal or deposit also, I always use the same payment system for other brokers and never get into trouble out of it. They just don't want to admit that the mistake is on their side or their system, so they can say the responsibility isn't on them. I'm very disappointed, and I decided to close my account here.
Author: Jeremiah | 2021-09-23 | Forex section: MaxiMarkets
It has only been a few weeks since I started trading at MaxiMarkets. Nevertheless, I can already say that they really provide the best services possible to their clients. I trade during news announcements but the platform remains stable and the spreads are still tight.
Author: Hedley | 2021-09-23 | Forex section: OptionFair
OptionFair is not fair at all. They have been giving us terrible services but they do not want to admit that the problem is on their end. They keep passing onto us the blame, saying that our device or internet connection are probably unstable.
Author: Johan | 2021-09-23 | Forex section: BFSforex
I don't have a bad opinion about BFX Forex. About their website is clearly managed well and the design is pretty well too. the sections of the website is really good. I read the analysis and forecasts section every day, and all that they published helps me learn a lot about taking my trading order. I withdrew $500 from my account 2 months after opening an account. Got it in 2 days. Their payment system also works fine so i am withdrawing my money without any troubles, thumbs up.
Author: Gorrie | 2021-09-22 | Forex section: TurboForex
TurboForex is an honest broker. They keep the charts synced with the real market and they make sure to process payments efficiently. The broker does not add any hidden charges to any transactions and they don't trick their clients with misleading information. Whatever they offer you, that is what you will get.
Author: Ella | 2021-09-22 | Forex section: TradingBanks
I invested the smallest amount at TradingBanks and I am grateful I did because the experience was terrible. The broker did not provide Forex education, and their platform often had issues. Making profitable trades was difficult when your platform crashes all the time.
Author: Rasyya | 2021-09-22 | Forex section: Finam
I have been trading with Finam broker, and I don't feel satisfied with this broker's service. The trading platform is unstable, and it's not easy to use. The most uncomfortable thing, order execution is very slow and not sent as I wish. Spread is increasing, and the clear cut system is not applied. This broker not always update news and information and discuss term and condition with his client frankly. So sometimes changes happen without notification. Finam broker is not a reliable broker for me.
Author: Valend | 2021-09-22 | Forex section: Rinkost Markets
I trade 3 currency pairs with this broker EUR/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY. I had some opened positions during the night which because of the server I found out the next morning they were closed with a loss of $35. All went well as the trading session was very quiet with low volatility and stable servers. Even I could change the leverage in a few minutes after sending the request for it. The client area is very functional and I see all my trading history without problems. My profit is average $450-$600 a month and to withdraw is easy, without hidden commissions.
Author: Diego | 2021-09-21 | Forex section: JustForex
JustForex is a decent broker. They are responsive and they really answer all concerns clearly. I opened an account with them a year ago and I can vouch that this broker can be trusted. Last week, I made a withdrawal of $500 and it was transferred to me on the following day without any added charge.
Author: Jhune | 2021-09-21 | Forex section: Binomo
One of my fellow forum member kept talking about Binomo so I got interested. The services were quite interesting and I was tempted to open an account. However, I was disappointed by their customer support because they do not answer promptly. I wanted to know more about the broker but they are not entertaining my inquiries.