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Author: Batrouney | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: FortFX
I am profitable with FortFX Brokers, As their MT4platform performance is outstanding and I can use a scalping EA. Besides their service is professional. I have $50 investment and in the last two months, I have earned $150 so far. But I say FortFX broker is a professional broker in the market.
Author: ifx11@gmail.com | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: Vector Securities
I had same bad experience with Vector Securities . Their MT4 terminal freezes frequently and quite regularly MT4 lost connection. Once their servers shut down for one day while the oil market was extremely declining which meant I was unable to close my trade at all!. I lost over $1400 because of this. I have all the proof that they did something fishy but still they are not willing to pay damages me for their error. Vector Securities is a scam company.
Author: Renee | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: FX Private
FX Private tricks their clients with the low minimum initial deposit. They make you think that you will not need to shell out a huge amount of money when in reality, once you have an account, you won't be able to start trading if you don't deposit the amount that they really want. I knew I would not have a great future with this kind of broker so I just closed my account.
Author: Philip | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: NAS
I thought I won't be able to get my money from NAS anymore. I closed my account at this broker a few weeks ago because I am no longer happy with how terrible their services are. It has already affected my profitability so I decided to just close my account. Now, it took three weeks before they released my money and I was so worried that I might not get it back anymore. Thankfully, I received it now.
Author: Evelina | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: Royal Forex
The order execution at Royal Forex is fast. They did not lie when they said that they offer instant execution. I am impressed because their platform is highly functional and stable. It is able to handle the market even during news announcement. With that, I am able to take advantage of the price changes in high volatility.
Author: Larisse | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: Dynamic Trade
I have been trading with Dynamic Trade for about six months now and I am very happy with my trading results. Despite being a beginner, I was still able to make decent trades and that's all thanks to the webinars and tutorials that this broker provided. I honestly did not expect to do this well and I am really just grateful that I am with this broker.
Author: Monique | 2021-01-21 | Forex section: Gainsy
I decided to stop trading with Gainsy broker. I don't like their trading conditions, they are also taking a big fee for withdrawal, and I think they also take a hidden commission. They charged me $8 from my withdrawal amount. Their platform also not that good. Sometimes the system down, and it takes a long time to be fixed. Customer support is not supported, they are useless because they won't fix our trouble soon. No more trade with them. I'm moving to another broker that has a low commission fee, especially for withdrawal.
Author: James | 2021-01-20 | Forex section: Weltrade
I have preferred to trade with Weltrade brokers. This Stable platform gave me an opportunity to earn money in the market. I've got a Micro account and using their MT4 platform. I've found fixed spread and perfect order execution iso far. I want to Thanks, Weltrade broker given me this kind of professional service in the forex market
Author: Safie | 2021-01-19 | Forex section: Nefteprominvest
Nefteprominvest platform is still freezing and this happened last week when BOE Governor Andrew Bailey gave his speech. I already made loss $241 because I could not move my stop due to the freeze. Got in a terrible trade left it open over the weekend only to find the spread on Crude Oil went from 150$ and more. I got margin call and lost $943. The client service on over the phone is awful; these people do not even understand forex basics! I really wouldn't recommend Nefteprominvest broker to anyone .
Author: Laibony | 2021-01-19 | Forex section: FX-edge
I will never get close to FX-edge ever again. Their trading services are terrible. I lost a huge percentage of my capital solely due to the issues in their platform and their unreasonably high trading fees. I thought that this would be a great broker but I was wrong.
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