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Independent rating of Forex broker YoutradeFx

4/10 (votes 100)

On-line since
Country of origin
The Financial Services Authority (FSA), The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Financial Services Commission (FSC)
Payment options
credit/debit cards, cashU, UnionPay, OkPay, Webmoney, OneCard
Minimum account size
$500- $2,000 (Basic Account), $2,001 - $7,500 (Advanced Account), $7,501 - $25,000 (Professional Account), $25,001 - $100,000 (Prestige Account), Above $100,000 (VIP Account)
Minimum lot size
0,01 ( Basic Account), 0,01 (Advanced Account), 0,1 (Professional Account),), 0,15 (Prestige Account)
to 1:500 (Basic Account), 1:300 (Advanced Account), 1:300 (Professional Account), to 1:300 (Prestige Account)
0.8 (Basic Account), 0.8 (Advanced Account), 0.8 (Professional Account), 0.8 (Prestige Account), Negotiable (VIP Account)

YoutradeFx is a brokerage and investment company whose platforms are used by the investment funds and private traders in order to put money in share, commodity, index, and currency CFD trading. The company is aimed at the long-term cooperation with clients and partners based on the mutual benefits and confidence. YoutradeFx provides the customers with the first-rate trading conditions and high-quality support at any time, regardless of the investment amount.


Author: Maxine Date: 2023-10-08 10:41:43 (UTC+3)
YoutradeFx is an armature forex broker. They offer very low leverage as compared to other brokers. Although their initial investment requires only $100. But their spreads on major pairs were driving me crazy! I hope they can reduce it or else I will look for another broker who has affordable spreads.
Author: Hago Date: 2022-08-02 07:02:19 (UTC+3)
YoutradeFx has a smooth-running platform with fixed and low trading spread. My trading activities are going smoothly, thanks to their amazing trading environment. I started with a demo account in order to learn more about trading in Forex. I must say that managers were very helpful to me and guided me in all this process. The platform I use with this broker is very functional; I learnt to use it in just a few weeks. What I like the most is that the broker doesn’t manipulate the prices. All my orders have been respected in the trading platform and all prices showed are on real time. I have compared them with other sites and they coincide. Trading with Gold, EUR/USD and sometimes with futures has been very profitable for me.
Author: Asensio Date: 2022-03-28 07:14:38 (UTC+3)
I have a basic account with YoutradeFx, opened an account with $500 initial deposit. My trading with YoutradeFx is going well. I am impressed so far. They offer professional services, good spreads at all times, even during volatile markets. They allow scalping and the use of EA. I started with $500 account and managed to almost $1100 this amount, without any problems. I withdrew my 4th withdrawal of $600 via Wire Transfer and I got my money within the same day.
Author: Virgo Date: 2021-12-02 01:21:44 (UTC+3)
I opened an account at YoutradeFx for 7 months. I have Basic Account with a $500 initial deposit. I trade in a few currency pairs, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/CAD. Overall, my trading has always been profitable and thanks to YoutradeFx because they provide a great trading platform with instant order executions. All my trading was mostly executed in the right position. I suggested you all to trade with YoutradeFx.
Author: Ledzep Date: 2021-12-01 05:11:20 (UTC+3)
As a newbie trader, I appreciate that YoutradeFX provides various account types and very tight spreads. I use cashU for funding my account and the transactions are very smooth.
Author: Kallie Date: 2021-08-10 05:08:51 (UTC+3)
I have traded with YoutradeFx for 9 months and its has been my great choice after many times I was tricked with the false promise of every broker. So far, no issues with YoutradeFx and my every trading process. All the trading conditions are reasonable and no leverage, and I have a basic account starting from $500. Besides, their trading platform works very well, especially their MT4. I've never experienced any technical fail so far. The execution in every withdrawal and deposit is fast and always worked well. YoutradeFx gives every trading with almost 100% profit, and I really love it.
Author: Janiya Date: 2021-08-05 04:27:29 (UTC+3)
YouTradeFX really gives total control to their clients. They let us choose the account type we want, the platform we prefer and the payment options convenient to us. Without a doubt, my experience at this broker is very pleasant.
Author: Vanbawi Date: 2021-04-14 07:28:35 (UTC+3)
YouTradeFX offers different account types giving control to their clients. This is excellent for me because we are not restricted to a single account type and we can start an account with the budget we have. The fees are low and the leverage is pretty generous. Trading with this broker surely makes the experience so much more productive.
Author: Juho Date: 2021-04-01 02:50:40 (UTC+3)
I trade with YoutradeFX. They give the best conditions. Their trading platform is working correctly. I didn't get any requote in the fast-moving market and really no widening in my SL and TP positions. I applied day trading 20pips strategy in my trading, and I am using an EA on the platform. This broker is suitable for expert traders, and They have good support who are very friendly and helpful always.
Author: Cess Date: 2020-12-18 04:15:49 (UTC+3)
YoutradeFX offers different types of account and from this alone you can already see that the broker is trying to be accommodating to all traders. They also have low trading fees which is great especially if you are planning to scalp. I am a basic account holder and so far, my experience is positive.

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