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On-line since
Country of origin
Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)
Payment options
Fast Bank Transfer, moneta.ru, WebMoney, wire transfer, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Delta)
Minimum account size
Minimum lot size
up to 1:200
2.2 pips for EUR/USD
Trade.com is a licensed brokerage company that offers a wide range of services in global financial markets. The company provides 24-hour customer support. Its activities are regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (Belize). Clients of Trade.com can trade stocks and currencies in the forex market through trading platforms such as MetaTrader4, Sirix WebTrader, and Web Trader.
The company also provides educational courses for its customers regardless of their experience and trading skills.
All transactions and information exchange are secured with up-to-date safety systems as well as SLL protocol. The SAS 70 system ensures that all trading servers are well protected.
All money deposits from clients of investment companies are held separately from the company’s assets and are examined by auditors daily.


Author: Jehelly Date: 2022-03-10 03:42:42 (UTC+3)
Let me tell you about my trading experience at Trade.com. I have opened an account at Trade.com last year and put $1000 as an initial deposit. But I'm so disappointed with this broker because the platform and their service quality are so bad. The platform is working with hung and freeze most of the time. And the customer support service is not nice and can't solve the problem. I lost $359 in my trading due to their system being down. I have reported these but no response from them. Also, they changed the trading rules and conditions without notification.
Author: Hungy Date: 2021-11-16 05:52:53 (UTC+3)
Trade.com's services are terrible. I have been trading with them for 8 months, but I got nothing profitable from trading with them. Their platform is always hung, and the system is also down too often. It was so hard to trade with them because they didn't have a good trading conditions. The most irritating is their client support is hard to reach. So I decided to stop trading with them, they are not a reliable broker.
Author: Lorayne Date: 2021-08-23 04:08:05 (UTC+3)
Good thing I did not deposit money at Trade.com anymore. I already registered an account and the next step was depositing money. But then I found complaints against the broker and they all said that they had issue with taking their funds out. I got worried so I decided not to push through anymore.
Author: Karenina Date: 2021-07-15 04:16:18 (UTC+3)
I decided to close my account at Trade.com because I feel so suffering to trade with them. Their platform keep crashing and order executions is so slow. I can't make a trade and close my order in my desired positions. It's so hard for me to adjust their sucks trading platform. Their support team also can't help me when I got into trading trouble. So, it's only wasting my time and money to trade with them. They are not a good broker.
Author: Roxette Date: 2021-05-04 07:32:58 (UTC+3)
Do not open an account at Trade.com if you do not want to lose your money. The broker provided a misleading demo account experience. With the demo, everything was smooth-flowing. The platform is stable and the spread is tight. But after having a real account, the platform malfunctioned more than it worked properly. And the fees were too high. I never saw it go below 8pips.
Author: Charlee Date: 2021-03-16 02:12:57 (UTC+3)
Trading with Trade.com is awful. I couldn't handle crazy spikes while trading. Their platform is also working slowly and has so many delays. Even for order executions, I couldn't close my order in my desired positions. It's always different positions, and because of that, I get a significant loss amount. Customer support also useless. They can't resolve the problem quickly, it always takes a long time. I think trading with them is the same as wasting money and time. That's why I decided to stop trading with them. I sent a withdrawal request and got the money after 3 weeks only. What a wasting time.
Author: Jesril Date: 2021-01-07 03:01:08 (UTC+3)
Trade.com is a horrible broker. I opened an account with this company because of their promising advertisements but I was only disappointed when I started trading with this broker. Their trading platforms are terrible and the spread goes to wide that it is already impossible to earn at all.
Author: Jorgy Date: 2020-11-19 01:09:10 (UTC+3)
Trade.com is not a reliable broker. In the beginning, I put $1000 as an initial deposit and started trading with them. After two months trading with them, I realized that they don't provide good service for clients. The platform is worst, their orders execution is very awful 4-6 times requote when try to execute orders. Three weeks ago, I sent withdrawal request, and till now they didn't process it yet. I'm so suffering trading with them, I kept losing my money. I wanted to withdraw the rest of my balance, but they didn't process it. After I get my money, I will close my account at this broker. It's only wasting money.
Author: BillalFx Date: 2020-09-15 06:44:11 (UTC+3)
I have been trading with Trade.com for half year and they are Belize International Financial Services Commission who offering retail margin fx trading. Spreads and commissions are superior. In my trading experience with Trade.com only at once they did not executed my stop loss on EURUSD pair which away 26 pips from my stop loss.. However, when I get in touch with with their live support and give them the screenshot they agree to adjust my stop loss. I believe Trade.com is an honest broker.
Author: Peter Date: 2020-09-14 03:33:05 (UTC+3)
I keep hearing that Trade.com is an amazing broker. I have a friend who has been trading with them for many years already and she vouched that this broker is really reliable. However, my problem is that their minimum initial deposit requirement is too high. I cannot afford it. I hope they would allot a more affordable account type for aspiring traders like me.

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