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ThinkForex is a brokerage company which provides traders with an opportunity to trade on the OTC market that is an over-the-counter stock market. ThinkForex was established by traders who wanted to create an ideal company clients of which would use automated trading systems. Thus, traders came up with an idea for ThinkForex creation.
To be successful, any broker should stick to two rules: update technologies and provide its clients with high quality support. Other advantages should include quick order execution and narrow spreads. The company is very attractive for beginning traders as they have an opportunity to trade micro lots.
The company offers 5 types of trading accounts as well as quick order execution, over 35 trading instruments, and the narrowest spreads. The company’s clients may choose one of the following trading platforms: MT4, SpeedTader or SpeedTrader Pro. Automated trading is also possible via ZuluTrade and MirrorTrade trading platforms. Free VPS hosting is available for traders whose deposit is above $2,500.
ThinkForex offers its clients visiting FX University. It is a free online school for traders.
Moreover, the company’s clients will be pleased with a whole myriad of campaigns and contests.
ThinkForex has a license from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The company is headquartered in Melbourne.
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Author: Hoffman Date: 2024-06-02 11:41:13 (UTC+3)
I am pleased with Think Forex for the superiority of service. They have very low spread in all fx pair, execution is also very speedy, highly developed charting tools and the list goes on as to why I like trading on this platform. Apart from superior functionality, I also like their mobile Trading Apps. I have recommend Think Forex .
Author: Ijah Date: 2022-06-06 07:09:42 (UTC+3)
Trading with them ThinkForex has not been good for me at all. They are so unprofessional, especially their management. Order execution is very slow. ThinkForex is not regulated as ECN. They may sound like they deal direct, but they are not. They switch their platform to trade against your bet, 96% of my tickets were all against me, also, the spread was changing while I had my open position. This company is just one of the worst in the market.
Author: Belly Date: 2022-01-25 01:27:46 (UTC+3)
Their spreads are not so tight anymore and that the platform crashes sometimes. I have lost $1055 all I have in my account is $145, now I want to withdraw my remaining money but Think Forex has refused to give me my money, they have stopped picking my calls and they don't reply my mails. This broker can't be trusted,they are only great to me during the deposit, it was very quick and I started to trade right away, but I didn't realize they've been trading against me for a long period of time.
Author: Luxeio Date: 2021-10-05 06:44:56 (UTC+3)
I am quite disappointed with how Think Forex treated me when I decided to close my trading account. I came to this decision because the platform at this broker was malfunctioning a lot and they did not do anything about it despite all the reports that I made. When I told them that I want to close my account, they said some rude words and made me wait for two months before I got my money back.
Author: Luna Date: 2021-10-05 01:29:29 (UTC+3)
I'm having a lot of problems during trading with this broker. I once did not get a bonus, and often fail to make the process of withdrawal due to server and platform they use is always impaired and not up to date. I am very disappointed. If i could only turn back time, I wouldn't invest my money with them. They couldn't provide security and comfort to all traders. I am sure that the broker is not able to provide advantages all traders who already joined Think Forex. I want them to be responsible for all they've done to me. The platform is difficult to navigate and my pending orders are not always processed. At the moment, I am trading with another broker, and my trading is better than at this broker. Please, don’t waste time or money with this broker, they are a bad broker!
Author: Sadoa Date: 2021-06-14 04:06:39 (UTC+3)
Do not waste your money on a broker like Think Forex. I made this mistake already and as a result, I only lost all of my capital. The company claims that they offer great trading conditions but their platform is terrible. I don't remember a trading day wherein the platform ran smoothly all throughout. It would always lag or crash and it greatly affects the trades.
Author: Mello Date: 2021-02-18 07:40:23 (UTC+3)
My experience at Think Forex was not very pleasant. I encountered a lot of trouble using their platform because it always had bugs. It was almost impossible to make a smooth transaction due to technical issues. To prevent myself from losing more, I just decided to close my account.
Author: Harry Date: 2021-02-02 01:14:36 (UTC+3)
I read a lot of complaining review about the minimum deposit and spreads of trading accounts in this broker is very high. But I don't think that's the only problem. And to be honest, I'm not very comfortable trading with Thinkfx. I always feel they are manipulating my trading activities. They have different types of trading accounts but most of them are not impressive. Each account require tons of money as an initial deposit. They won't allow clients to use the account without it. The commission is nothing but useless. My commissions got cancelled when I tried to cash-out.
Author: DevinSage Date: 2020-12-30 13:13:17 (UTC+3)
I've experienced a better execution performance on the Think Forex's broker. Especially their MT4 platforms are stable, which has the fastest execution with many features. Their spread is fixed, so I had set an EA, but the trading function isn't easy for me. As I've depended on manual trading. So I've followed their technical analysis and made $450 profit so far. So I am satisfied and withdrawn $400 profit via Neteller. I think Think Forex is the best.
Author: Casitso Date: 2020-10-23 06:49:17 (UTC+3)
Do not open an account at Think Forex. You will only waste your money and your time. I had an account here until a year ago but I closed it because of the terrible platform of the company. On top of that, their customer support team are not even accommodating. They are very unprofessional in handling their client's complaints. It will be for the best if you just stay away from this broker.

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