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Independent rating of Forex broker IG Markets

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On-line since
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and a member of the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Payment options
Wire transfer, checks, credit cards and Moneybookers
Minimum account size
Minimum lot size
0.1 lot
up to 1:200
0.8 pips on EUR/USD

IG Markets is a part of IG Group Holding which includes several companies rendering financial services both for private investors and professional brokers.
IG Companies Group was established in 1974.
IG Markets Company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Great Britain. IG Markets is the member of London Stock Exchange (LSE).
IG Markets comes as a market-maker in the financial derivative market offering contracts for difference CFD with shares and stock indexes and also margin trading at Forex currency market. The company’s clients turn out to be brokers, investments managers, trading companies and private investors.


Author: Maeva Date: 2022-08-03 06:49:45 (UTC+3)
I have been trading with IG Markets company for a year and my favourite is their customer support because it is very easy to contact and they respond promptly. The trading platform is always in good condition, and the trading cost is lower than its competitors. So far, my portfolio is looking good despite being new to the industry. I found instant executions on the platform and I had no face slippage or requotes. IG Markets is the best broker since I joined the forex world.
Author: Jadda Date: 2022-03-29 07:29:08 (UTC+3)
I joined IG Markets 2 years ago, and they are so good. Trading with this broker gives me more joy than anything else because they offer a cheap and easy way which I can get started. IG Markets has great execution, low spreads, and great platform.Their client support is amazing, because they always support me when I need them. Last week, I had problem in withdrawing money, so I contacted to them. Immediately, they solved my problem, and the money came to my account within 6 hours. My initial capital at this broker was just $100, and now it’s up to $1000 after getting profits. IG Markets is really a reliable broker, and they are the best brokers I've ever dealt with.
Author: Gotto Date: 2021-12-03 04:46:31 (UTC+3)
I don’t have any issues while trading in IG Markets and their trading platform works perfectly. The trading through MetaTrader4, and sometimes I use MetaTrader Mobile. I like doing trading because their minimum account size is affordable. I put my first deposit of $50 but the profit is about 30% to 45%. Their spread is low and a clear-cut system is applied, they also have a nice rebate program so I got some pips and got a big profit size. Besides they always update news and daily analysis and good guidance support team that ready for 24/5 services. For me, IG Markets is a reliable broker.
Author: Stefania Date: 2021-11-29 03:07:31 (UTC+3)
The reason I opened an account at IG Markets is its low initial deposit requirement. I was able to start my trading journey with only $50. The spread at this broker is tight so having a small capital is not a problem at all.
Author: TytyFX Date: 2021-08-12 04:01:05 (UTC+3)
IG Markets is a recommended broker. Their trading platform is customizable, and it's not confusing. I tried to place my SL with an average range, and it was honored by this company.ad now I still trading with them and the total profits that I got from them is almost $1500 since I invested my own funds last 6 months. The deposit and withdrawal process is always on time, and they are always transparent about fees. So pleased with IG Markets, I would highly recommend them to all traders.
Author: Ronald Date: 2021-08-04 03:39:49 (UTC+3)
IG Markets has a very low minimum initial deposit and it made it so much easier for me to start an investment. I can say that this broker is also suitable for beginners because they provide intensive learning materials and the fees are unbelievably low.
Author: Reyam Date: 2021-04-13 09:31:16 (UTC+3)
The minimum initial deposit required at IG Markets is very low. I opened an account at this broker with only $20 and tried making some small trades. When I felt that I am capable of managing my trades already, that is when I started to invest more. So far, after a year, I am still doing pretty well and the broker remains amazing.
Author: Sharma Date: 2021-04-05 02:07:35 (UTC+3)
I have been trading with IG Markets, and I always feel comfortable. Their MT4 platform trading execution is fast and clear to me always, As their spread is the best, and I never experienced any technical problem. Everything was working well. Also, IG Markets has excellent and quick support because they always help me when I have any questions. I've already withdrawn about $900, and each withdrawal usually takes not more than 1 day. So I give the only good mark to IG Markets.
Author: Sigrid Date: 2020-12-17 04:26:39 (UTC+3)
IG Markets has been my broker since 2017 and I can say that this broker strives to become better and better as time pass by. They already have great services but they still keep innovating. Overall, my trading experience is really great. And of course, the withdrawal of funds is fast. I made a total of three withdrawals already and all of them were processed within 48 hours.
Author: Jeje Date: 2020-12-08 02:27:24 (UTC+3)
I have nothing to complain about IG Markets. They always make my trading has no obstacles. I've earned around $900 with IG Markets. They provide a stable platform, where I've found the best spread in the market so far. I've traded and using their platform. The platform execution is fast so that I could open order in my desired position without any slippage. Also, their payment is efficient too. Customer support representative well. I feel so satisfied with their service. I highly IG Markets to all traders.

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