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On-line since 2006
Country of origin British Virgin Islands
Regulation Unregulated
Payment options Bank wire and credit cards
Minimum account size $100
Minimum lot size 0.025 lot
Leverage up to 1:400
Spreads 1,3 pips on EUR/USD

iForex is an international broker at Forex currency market.
iForex Company was established in 1996, and is managed by a group of bankers and traders at Forex market.
At present, the number of iForex Company clients is more than tens of thousands traders around the world. In 2004, iForex initialized a trading platform iForex; it provides the clients with two trading platforms- the installation platform FXnet-Trader and a web- version, which can be accessed from any computer.
iForex Company has its own dealing centre, which offers a possibility to trade in foreign currencies, including Spot and Forward operations, which are the major financial instruments at the international market Forex.

Author of iFOREX review: VinsonYu. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2020-04-26 08:24:26
I have a profitable trading history in a mini account with iForex, their web-based platform is awesome, where I can trade instantly, also here I can use some advance trading tools like sophisticated and live updates or trading signals. So my orders became profitable, till now I’ve earned 150 dollars. I was able to withdraw all of my profits via Skrill account within four hours. So I say forex is a profitable and reliable broker from my experience.
Author of iFOREX review: sapvparDv. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-08-17 04:40:21
Half of my deposit was gone this week due to their buggy trading platform. When I tried to contact them and asked a compensation, this company refused. I was also informed that my claim was invalid.
Author of iFOREX review: fxwarzone. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-08-03 04:05:29
The most complicated Broker. Registration and initial trading transactions running smoothly but subsequently experienced many distractions. So many requirements that must be fulfilled client as well as they makes client reluctant to join them and a lot of clients who have left this broker. Customer support is also not responding trader's complaints seriously and swiftly. Very disappointing.
Author of iFOREX review: narayana krishnan. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-30 15:07:00
i joined only a week back// i am new to this line being medical professional//on the start there was some euphoria perhaps two ypong chaps as account managers are helpful// i am a senior citizen and yet to cach up with the trading jargon//i feel the set up is good and i feel i will be able to make few chips here and there//
Author of iFOREX review: Jeffery. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-28 04:28:28
I think iForex is not a fraud forex broker. After 1 year experience with iForex, I know who miss comments about iForex. They all are not experienced online forex trading. Actually iForex is not fraud broker, some people are loser. That’s why they miss comments about iForex. If I lose my equity, I should not miss comment about iForex. I should accept my unlucky or I am not experience sufficient online forex trading.
Author of iFOREX review: isabel bozzo. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-23 13:36:20
they took 10000 USD in ONE day!!! When I tried to sell because it was favourable they did not allow the sell and then overnight they sold without my concent and I lost everything. They called me faking interest on "my" loss and expalined the paltform was slow when tryong to sell and that expalined why I was not able to get out when I wanted!!! Then they talked about "returning my money" which intailed ...yes you guessesd...that i invest further.They actually threatened me becuase I did not sent my credit card info to them. I am putting a clain with local authorities and have put a stop payment with my bank. DO NOT FALL IN THIS TRAP!!!
Author of iFOREX review: kell80. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-16 21:23:01
very slow execution, requotes, high spreads and not attentive support. it's quite difficult to be customer of this broker, i don't recommend to anyone
Author of iFOREX review: Santosh Sharma. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-12 16:31:30
One day in Feb 2016 I've seen an advertisement in money control $25 no deposit bonus I-FOREX..same time I opened that link and register my account and same time I received $25 bonus without any verification I was surprised..I think this broker is fake ..so i started trading just a game and within two week I earned $550 at that time I thought just to check this I-FOREX broker..I send my documents for verification and withdrawal request of $550 ..I got surprised when amount is credited in my bank account..so thanks to I-FOREX and it's members.. because I am a student in India so that amount was so excited for me and I'm still spending that money..thank for I-FOREX once again...keep it up sir
Author of iFOREX review: Santosh Sharma. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-06-12 16:03:18
I opened a account last Feb with $25 no deposit bonus scheme .in two weeks I earned $550 .then I submitted my verification document ..and then i put WITHDRAWL request ..I really surprised they send my money without any queries..so I recommend this broker..so nice and thanks a lot I-FOREX..
Author of iFOREX review: Garland. Date and time of iFOREX review: 2016-04-13 04:13:23
I joined iForex for more than 4 months, and so far it running so well. Withdrawing is fine. If one of you lost your money because you didn't use a stop loss, don't blame anyone, just blame your self

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