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Independent rating of Forex broker IfamDirect

2/10 (votes 100)

On-line since
Country of origin
Republic of Seychelles
Payment options
wire transfer, scratch card
Minimum account size
Minimum lot size
0.1 lot
IfamDirect is a member of International Finance & Asset Managing Group, which is one of the leading brokers on Forex.
The company offers its clients several account types with various trading conditions.
Bronze trading account will suit beginning traders and those who want to learn about the company’s services and invest small funds. The minimum deposit for this account type is $100.
To start trading on Silver account, traders need $5,000. Moreover, trading on the accounts of this type, the broker's clients receive interest on idle funds.
Opening Gold account, traders get favorable trading conditions, including lower spreads and higher interest on idle funds. The minimum deposit is $10,000.
An ECN account allows traders to perform deals on the interbank level as well as receive quotes from several market makers simultaneously and apply various trading strategies, including scalping. To start trading, the company’s clients need to deposit $10,000. The company charges additional commission of $4 per lot.
ECN Prof has all advantages of the ECN account. Besides,traders can benefit from lower commissions and high additional income received from idle funds. The minimum deposit is $10,000 and additional commission is $3 per lot.
The broker provides its client with a wide array of trading instruments, including 37 currency pairs, metals, CFDs, and indices.
Trading is performed via the IfamTrader4 trading platform that was developed by the company’s specialists on the basis of MetaTrader.


Author: Vatty Date: 2022-01-10 07:07:02 (UTC+3)
IfamDirect broker has nothing good, they only have poor services. I started to trade with them four months ago, and from that moment I'm losing money and never had the chance to gain a profit. The platform they provide does not even have good quality, it has slow order execution and hard to customize. Their leverage is also not competitive as the maximum leverage can be set up is 1:100 and it will give me a disadvantage in the open position. Last time, I lost around $900 because of their platform freeze. I couldn't recover all my losses. It's very disappointing.
Author: Luigi Date: 2021-10-21 04:38:36 (UTC+3)
I had a terrible experience at IfamDirect. This broker never released my money even when I demanded to withdraw my funds several times. In fact, what the broker did was terminate my account so that I can never access it again.
Author: MunchkinFX Date: 2021-09-20 01:35:12 (UTC+3)
IfamDirect is not a recommended broker. It's suffering to trade with them because they have the worst MT4 trading platform with awful order executions. The platform is unstable and has delays. Their system is also down too often, and it takes time to fix -sometimes more than 5 minutes. And of course, that situation really gave me a chance to lose my money. Client support is also not reliable, they work so slow, and they are not handling clients seriously. I had close my account due to this problem. So, my advice is never to trade with this broker.
Author: Andrea Date: 2021-06-29 05:08:43 (UTC+3)
When I opened an account at IfamDirect, I did not know right away that something was wrong. I was able to make some trades as usual and I was also earning. But then when I tried to withdraw my funds, the broker suddenly blocked my account and until now, I still couldn't access it.
Author: SicxFX Date: 2021-05-11 05:40:42 (UTC+3)
It's uncomfortable trading with IfamDirect. Their platform is not great, I lost $325 in single trade due to their worst execution and high spreads. Their system also down several times and it always takes time to fix it. Their customer service also very ignorant and not helpful at all. I decided to close my account at this broker and will never trust my trading with them anymore.
Author: Carmen Date: 2021-03-09 07:18:02 (UTC+3)
After depositing money at IfamDirect, I was immediately suspended. Back then, I thought that there was only a technical error. The company was still communicating with me and telling me not to worry. But then after a few weeks, they stopped contacting me and I still did not get my access back. Until now, I still don't know what happened to my account.
Author: Viano Date: 2021-01-18 02:14:54 (UTC+3)
I traded with IfamDirect broker, and I lost some money there. I decided to stop trading on their platform and closed my account. There were a lot of reasons why I lost, trading platform freezing too often, they always delays to execute my orders, and spread increasing all the time unexpectedly, a lot of bad things going on when I was trading with them. My trading activity with them always has obstacles. Their support team also useless, and there is no advantage of joining them. So, no more trade with them. They are unprofessional broker, don't even know to run a business.
Author: Binaarp Date: 2021-01-14 07:00:12 (UTC+3)
I have been with IfamDirect for five months now. At first I deposited of $1000 clam for 30% bonus and got $300 instantly. Their Web Platform execution is instant, no slippage even on news announcements time. I never had any problem with withdraw my funds from here. Signals received have been wonderful. I will not hesitate to recommend IfamDirect for to anyone who wants to succeed as a forex trader.
Author: Phimbum Date: 2020-11-09 04:16:31 (UTC+3)
Trading with IfamDirect was the worst decision I have made in my life. This broker was nothing but a fraud. I entrusted them with my money but they only ran away with it. They even tried to convince me to deposit more money. I only wasted both my money and time on this fraud broker.
Author: Ruddy Date: 2020-09-21 04:35:24 (UTC+3)
I have invested my money at IfamDirect, and most of the money gone due to their poor performance. They have the worst platform ever, which only makes me loss. It's really hard to earn profit at this broker. I can't cover all my losses with this broker. Last week, I made a withdrawal request for the rest of my money, but they didn't process it until now. I called customer support and they asked me to wait, but I didn't get my money back until now also no response at all from them, they stole my money. They are a scam, I decide to close my account at this broker. Stay away from this broker.

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