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Swiss broker FXTSwiss started to provide its services via internet in 2009. The company offers quite favorable trading conditions. However, those investors who think of working with this brand name should be aware that the broker is not regulated by any authority and the minimum deposit at FXTSwiss is $2,000.
The main financial instruments with this broker include 16 currency pairs as well as contracts for oil, gold, and silver.
The Swiss broker offers just one type of trading accounts to its clients. The company does not charge any commissions for opening and closing positions.
FXTSwiss provides the popular MT4 platform for convenient trading. It is available for traders on personal computers as well as on smartphones and tablets.


Author: Henry Date: 2024-01-30 06:14:16 (UTC+3)
Fx Swiss has given me a painful experience so far. They have a terrible trading platform, especially mad during the news. I got slippage on every news publish time. in addition, they take a very long time to process my withdrawals. Last month I made a withdrawal request of $250 through Skrill and 8 days later they transferred my money! I decided to leave Fx Swiss and move forward.
Author: Manish Asha Date: 2022-07-01 06:49:36 (UTC+3)
Hello, my name is Manish and I'm from India. Honestly, FXTSwiss is the best broker in every single aspect of the forex market. I have been trading in the forex market for 10 years, and what I say is FXTSwiss is reliable and competent enough to be in the forex market. Don't listen to all the losers or the beginners, because they'll never blame themselves but they always blame the broker. I have been trading with FXTSwiss for 8 years, I'm staying with FXTSwiss because their platform has good spreads, and fast and efficient service and gave me a sign on bonus. I’m pleased to trade with FXTSwiss and I would highly recommend FXTSwiss.
Author: UnionPips Date: 2022-02-21 06:40:42 (UTC+3)
Traders must know that FxSwiss is a reliable broker, especially for professional traders. I opened an account at FxSwiss 6 months ago, and I had 2 days of waiting for account validation before trading with them. Once the validation finished, I started to trade with FxSwiss using the MT4 platform. I found that the platform is working great, with low spreads and fixed, no leverage, even no slippage. My trading is satisfying, and the platform has an instant order execution and is stable during the volatility market. After a month of trading at FxSwiss, I made a profit, and I'm getting a stable profit until now. Thanks FxSwiss.
Author: Tonyu Date: 2021-11-01 03:39:54 (UTC+3)
I’ve been trading with FxSwiss for more than a year, and I trust them as the best and professional broker. They provide a good trading program and offer stable trading instruments. They have a good trading system and also provide their client to trade with mobile apps. I used the MT4 trading platform and managed almost 50% of profit each trading and every withdrawal process with them I didn't get any problem till now even when I do it in the Mobile Apps. When I made a deposit and withdrawn it all processed very fast and accurate. Thank you very much FxSwiss and I'll invite all my friends to join this broker.
Author: Lidabi Date: 2021-09-09 03:04:32 (UTC+3)
It has been a while since I started trading at FX Swiss. So far, I can say that my trading activities remain smooth and efficient. The platform at this broker is stable and the order execution is fast. I can even scalp sometimes and its results are positive.
Author: Mikkey Date: 2021-06-28 02:30:11 (UTC+3)
Fx Swiss is a reliable broker with a good connection. They provide good trading facilities, and also they prepare everything well. They are equipped with features that support trading in this era. I can trade by using my smartphone because they provide a feature for the smartphone. Their connection is fast and brings me good trading profit. It's also easy to withdraw, and I could get 6 hours after I send a withdrawal request. So far, Fx Swiss is my favorite broker.
Author: Luchie Date: 2021-05-19 06:32:24 (UTC+3)
Because of my colleague's encouragement, I opened an account at FX Swiss. Now I cannot be more thankful for this because I am currently earning well through trading. I am glad that she introduced me to such a reliable broker.
Author: Zuriyath Date: 2021-02-26 02:01:31 (UTC+3)
I never had a problem since I joined Fx Swiss. I've been trading with them for a year, and I can say that they are reliable broker because I didn't see anything wrong with them like what other traders say, they say Fx Swiss is a scam broker, but in fact, Fx Swiss is a trustworthy broker. I can feel that they would be the trusted company in the forex industry. They have excellent service, and they also have an excellent team that will serve when I need them. They offer many bonuses and easy to avail. The deposit and withdrawal process always easy and on time. Never have any complaints about Fx Swiss. I'm totally satisfied.
Author: Nacho Date: 2021-01-22 03:40:46 (UTC+3)
Definitely, FX Swiss is a broker worth investing in. I have been with them for almost three years now and they have always given the best services. All of my trading activities went smoothly because of their high quality platform. Overall, I have made desirable profits already.
Author: Tamjid Date: 2020-12-02 08:07:26 (UTC+3)
Fx Swiss went from the best to most horrible broker. During the volatile market their spread on major pair are become ridiculous these days. Even last Monday, only 4 minutes later the Unemployment news were published they increase their spreads to 11 pips on USD/CHF pair. Their spreads are getting so ridiculous that it is not possible to trade on volatile market. Another thing that annoying for me that is their platform disconnects frequently. Fx Swiss used to be my favorite broker, but now I am closing my account.

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