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Independent rating of Forex broker FX-edge

3/10 (votes 100)

On-line since
Country of origin
FSCL (New Zealand), FSP (New Zealand)
Payment options
NETELLER, wire transfers, payment cards
Minimum account size
Minimum lot size
0.01 lot
from 0.1
FX-Edge is a young broker in the forex market, which was established in 2013; however it started online trading only in 2014.  The company is headquartered in the State of California in the United States.
The broker offers its clients a wide range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, metals etc. The number of currency pairs totals 41.
The company allows traders to hedge, scalp, and use automated trading systems.
Trade is mainly conducted through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Additionally, demo MetaTrader 4 and Match-trader (большие буквы) are also available.
FX-Edge, as well as most other brokerage companies, provides its clients with various educational materials to master their trading skills in Forex.


Author: Kier Date: 2024-01-23 11:04:09 (UTC+3)
FX-EDGE is awesome, As I've got a better execution and fixed spread in an ECN account so far. Also, the platform works well, and no slippage. So I can trade easily and the execution of my orders is almost perfect, where I set my pending orders. Till now I never faced re-quotes, off-quotes, invalid prices, or disconnection. Also, I prefer their mobile terminal too. If I've any problem then I can be solved by their support team. My last withdrawal was $300 through PayPal. So I think FX-EDGE is perfect for me.
Author: Rudry Date: 2022-07-05 02:40:11 (UTC+3)
I'm having a lot of problems during trading with the FX-Edge broker. I once did not get a bonus, and often fail to make the process of withdrawal due to the server and platform they use always being impaired and not up to date. Overall, FX-Edge broker is not that good. The minimum deposit is also high, spreads are high and leverage is not competitive. I can't continue my trading with them so I closed my account here.
Author: Farshi Date: 2022-02-24 00:35:22 (UTC+3)
I deposited 9 months ago $1000 with Fx Edge and started to trade right away MetaTrader 4 platform. For such a big deposit the broker is not providing good quality services. I have delays and the spread is changing very fast during volatility times. I had negative slippage of $500 from 10 trades. My standard account was banned without I was about to withdraw my earnings. The MetaTrading 4 platform has delays, sometimes 3 seconds, and the prices aren't real at the closing of the position. The broker is manipulating the prices during news feed and volatility times, you can't make a big profit.
Author: Nael Date: 2021-11-04 00:59:02 (UTC+3)
I tried to get my $510 earning with them last month but they blocked my account and they never intend to call me. They can't afford to provide us a good trading service. What a lousy service they had. The trading platform seems unresponsive and unable to execute my order properly. I haven't faced any serious problems at demo. Now with real money some difficulties has started, the server can be down, then something else. .There is no way to recommend this broker, They are a market maker who manipulates the trading platform to their benefits.
Author: Marios Date: 2021-09-06 10:48:24 (UTC+3)
FX-edge is a decent broker but they process the payouts way too slow. It still gets transferred completely, but you will have to wait for at least a week. I have experienced before waiting for almost three weeks.
Author: Gedion Date: 2021-07-01 01:49:23 (UTC+3)
Slow execution of trades, filter and manipulate data prices and the worst is withdrawal. And trading with this broker is not profitable at all. I mean, you face several problems starting with the trading platform, which is very unstable and there are constant requotes. you should not invest this broker because of their stuff are unprofessional. That leads my account was blown up. I decided to closed my account two weeks ago. I'm afraid to lose my money without doing nothing.
Author: Minna Date: 2021-05-14 06:49:07 (UTC+3)
Many traders are enjoying their trading experience at FX-edge but it is really not for me. I love scalping and with their slow execution, this is not possible for me. Their spread is also too wide for me.
Author: Chris Date: 2021-05-01 13:34:05 (UTC+3)
Good spreads and execution
Author: Hansen Date: 2021-03-03 01:25:43 (UTC+3)
In the past, I liked this broker only because it was simple and not complicated. However, the longer I trade with this broker they are very unresponsive to my emails and calls. They deliberately ignored my complaint. Slowly I started to lose money, and after accumulating the losses I could reach $ 6,000. A very large amount for me. Reduce your expectation about their services because this company offers no more reliable trading programs for their partners.
Author: Laibony Date: 2021-01-19 03:20:35 (UTC+3)
I will never get close to FX-edge ever again. Their trading services are terrible. I lost a huge percentage of my capital solely due to the issues in their platform and their unreasonably high trading fees. I thought that this would be a great broker but I was wrong.

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