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Macroeconomic indicators which every trader needs to know

Thanks to knowledges of macroeconomic indicators Forex trading might be very profitable. So we introduce you top-7 of the main indicators which every trader should be familiar with.

Fundamental analysis: main idea and benefits

This type of analysis is very often used by investors who prefer long-term trading. The forecast is made according to the economic and political situation at the current moment. Traders should analyze news daily, and pay attention to the events which can influence world economy. This news could be related to politics, new product releases by popular international companies, natural disasters etc. It is necessary to observe index dynamics by means of news. Thus, fundamental analysis covers almost everything including speculation.

Pipsing and scalping: what to choose?

There is a common misconception among novices in the Forex market that pipsing and scalping are the same sort of thing that implies short-term trades kept opened only for a few minutes. Pipsers and scalpers do indeed operate on a very short time frame and share the same strategic principle. However, their targets differ. Pipsing is much smaller in size and scope than scalping.

Margin trading: what is it?

All Forex operations are conducted in accordance with margin trading, meaning every participant has a possibility to trade using significantly higher amounts than their account balance.

Advantages of Forex market

International currency exchange market Forex is the most dynamically developing market among all financial markets in the world. It is related to the fact that currency market Forex has many significant advantages compared to other financial institutions: the highest liquidity, operations are executed 24 hours a day, the lowest cost of deals, margin trading, dynamism, huge number of participants and many others.

Chose Forex

From the very establishment of Forex market all traders divided into two parts – those who consider Forex to be a gamble, and those who are confident in that the currency market is a serious business. To the first part adhere the players who have once tried to work on the FX market but failed to profit only on their own fault. The second party is the successful traders who achieved significant gains in trading and collect impressive money gains and sometimes getting even considerable wealth.

What is the benefit of working on Forex?

Today investing in the international market Forex is one of the most promising and profitable kinds of activity. Market investing is of great profit-yielding potential. However, not all the traders understand the earnest of this activity. It involves not only large investments but also intellectual capacity.

How to choose a broker

Choosing a broker is important and critical moment. Nowadays there are a lot of companies which provide access to the international exchange market Forex.

Does Forex investment exist

For sure, everybody knows what the term “investment” means, but let us to specify the meaning of this word one more time. Investment is the commitment of capital in different business projects in order to gain profitable returns.

Forex Market Work Schedule

As it is known the international Forex market works round the clock 5 days a week excluding the national holidays when the banks do not work. Due to this in each hour zone there are institutes buying and selling the currency during their working day, on Forex market there is no a daylight trading - there is a week one. Trading session opens at 23:00 GMT on Sunday in Tokyo, closes at 22:00 in Chicago.

7 reasons to trade on Forex

If you made a decision to start trading on Forex, the only things you need are computer and Internet connection. Besides, undeniable advantage of work on the currency exchange market Forex is trading on the market does not require any experience – everybody can start having just a background course.

Risks Diversification

Risks diversification, or in other words risk profile is an integral part of trading on Forex currency market.

US Dollar Index

The US Dollar Index started in 1973 after the dismantling of the Bretton Woods system. The index is one of the most important financial instruments on Forex. USDX is used both in trading and forecasting the movements of other currencies.

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