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Forex Growth Bot forex advisor review

5/10 (votes 100)

Forex Growth Bot

Trading platform: MetaTrader
Currency pair: EURUSD
Timeframe: М15
Trading time: 24 hours (VPS server is recommended)
Digits: 4 and 5
Growth Bot is a Forex Expert Adviser designed for trading with EURUSD. Growth Bot may also trade with other currency pairs; however, no tests with other financial instruments were carried out.
Please note that Forex Growth Bot has to constantly monitor open positions. In case of any disruption of connection with a trading server, the Forex Adviser may lose control on open positions. Therefore, the developers strongly recommend using VPS server to ensure continuous work.
Although the Expert Adviser trades 24 hours, in executes an average of 3–10 orders a week.
Recommended parameters:
Deposit 250$ – 0.01 lot
Deposit 500$ – 0.03 lot
Deposit 1000$ and above – 0.05 lot
Deposit 2000$ and above – 0.1 lot
Forex Growth Bot is based on a Wave Stop which means that a Stop level constantly changes. Given there is a movement towards an open position, the Expert Adviser opens additional positions following a trend and raising potential profits.
Recommendations to open a lot:
  • Until the Forex Adviser closes open positions, do not change either a timeframe or parameters, or restart the terminal.
  • There are 3 versions of Growth Bot:
  1. Basic
  2. Advanced (with extra parameters)
  3. Power (maximum parameters and a robot’s MQL code)
Forex Growth Bot uses the same algorithm in all versions.


Author:: Amir. Date:: 2016-09-13 09:07:40
I bought this Bot and started it on August 15 th. It ran two weeks on a live account running on VPS. It did really really well. It made way more pips than any other Bot I have ever tried, And I have tried a lot of them. As you know, most of the ea's out there make just a few pips at a time and lose a lot of pips. This one makes many more pips in a trade.
Author:: Monkey. Date:: 2016-09-09 08:03:30
I purchased the Bot 2 weeks ago and set it up on a $ 700 Demo Account trading the EUR/USD and the EUR/AUD. Right now the account stands at $ 1400. The best Demo trading I have had with an Bot. Next week will let you know as I am placing FGB on my live account trading the same pairs.
Author:: Tom 78. Date:: 2016-09-01 07:46:59
I have seen free Bot with better performance than this one. Only buy this if you have some money you want to waste. The winning trades are very small and the losses are huge, moreover there are many more losses than wins. Even if you are successful with this Bot for a while, it will blow your account eventually.
Author:: Fax Z. Date:: 2016-08-22 11:38:15
This week the Bot is showing bad results.
Author:: Sam Big. Date:: 2016-08-11 09:18:15
I don't advise! This is waste of money.
Author:: Robert Haus. Date:: 2016-08-09 11:20:21
On monitoring Advisor shows good results, but in real life doesn't open any trade.
Author:: Kreperano. Date:: 2016-08-08 09:24:36
Good Advisor! It works properly. It opens from 4 to 10 transactions a week.
Author:: MagicFX. Date:: 2016-07-05 11:20:10
The only drawback is that the Bot is fussy. You can't change anyting on the chart on your MT4, if you accidently click on a different time frame it looses control on the trades.
Author:: Henry. Date:: 2016-06-29 08:27:08
I'm a professional manual trader who hates expert advisors and auto trading but I've been testing this Bot for 6 months and I found it the best ever advisor.
Author:: Roxy. Date:: 2016-06-27 08:28:20
The Forex Growth Bot is a very good forex expert advisor.

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