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Independent rating of Forex broker Cobra Trading

4/10 (votes 100)

On-line since 2013
Country of origin United States
Regulation FINRA, NFA, SIPC
Payment options check, wire, and account transfer
Minimum account size $25,000
Minimum lot size 0.01 lots
Leverage 1:500
Spreads floating from 1 pip
The main office of this US brokerage company is located in Seattle, Washington. Cobra Trading pays a lot of attention to relations with its customers.
The broker offers traders several account types. The minimum deposit makes up $25,000 for a standard account and $50,000 for an ECN account. In addition to major and exotic currency pairs, clients can trade options, futures, and stocks through four platforms: RediPlus, RealTick EMS, RealTick Express, RealTick Ultralite. The platforms can be first tested on a demo account.
Cobra Trading also provides its customers with educational courses, which suit both novices and experience traders, and analytical materials.
Author of Cobra Trading review : Yartri. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2020-04-20 06:53:18
I would say be careful while choosing Cobra Trading because they are scam broker. They took $410 from my fund without proper explanation. I am still trying to get back my money from this broker. I have contacted with their live support many times and still do not get any help, even they stop replying me. Cobra Trading is the most awful broker I've worked with.
Author of Cobra Trading review : Paul. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-09-23 10:39:21
I have chosen to close my account with Cobra Trading because I have been consistently losing money for 6 months up to 18,000USD due to their terrible trading conditions where my take profit is not triggered yet. They just trigger my stop loss double the pips set. I did complain but their support staff choses to close any dealing with Cobra Trading. is a market maker so they make sure their clients lose money by trading against them. I have continously experienced this. I strongly advice anybody from signing up with Cobra Trading if you do not want to go through what i went through. Choose an NDD/ECN Broker..SHAME ON Cobra Trading.
Author of Cobra Trading review : Brooks. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-09-23 10:38:16
I want to inform you all that Premium4x trading is a big scam. They scammed me over 1200$. Detail here: XAU/USD. The price was gone done from 1666, and I opened 10 sell trade on 1661. When I earn profit, I closed some trades in profit. Suddenly, the price went up from 1658 to 1674, I loose 650$. Next day, when price goes from 1776 to up, I wait 1.30 hours movements goes to 1675/ 1676. However, when I open buy trades, after 10 minutes, price goes down from 1677 to 1670/1665/1662/1658/1652/1651. Stop Loss was 1653, and all trades closes and loss were 260.454. Once all trades was closed, the price start goes up now 1662. So I suggest you not invest at any kind of forex trading. All are scam. My friend also loost lot of money, approximately 2500 to 3000$. All lost of mine throw Premium4X. I will submit complaint to many other traders
Author of Cobra Trading review : Lene. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-09-23 08:41:59
Broker often impaired when the withdrawal process and unfortunately there is no improvement of their systems. Also the execution speed was too slow, my orders got executed after 10-20 seconds. I made a deposit with no problem, but I think their spreads are too high.
Author of Cobra Trading review : fxdasilver. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-08-30 16:18:55
Experience with Cobra trading have been good and excellent, I started trading on their paltform 3 years ago, and I can testify to their good services, low spreads, although cobra trading fees is slightly high, but services are good. They have been paying me well with out no complain,I will recommend them.
Author of Cobra Trading review : AdamChudy. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-08-16 10:31:36
I got a lot of response from others traders about Cobra Trading's bad executions, bad platform and poor deposit and withdrawal systems. Scalping is allowed with this broker however, you need to follow their rules. They tighten their rules on scalping.
Author of Cobra Trading review : Hub. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-08-02 04:30:58
i have been awaiting a small withdrawal from this bank for 3 weeks. stay away. clueless staff. I am going to sue to get my money be careful. they are crooks
Author of Cobra Trading review : Efan. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-07-12 01:36:02
After waiting two weeks on a debit card withdrawal that never went thought they returned my money as a debit card return. This put my money back in my account in only a few days. They went out of their way to fix this for me
Author of Cobra Trading review : fxteosammyal. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-06-28 08:26:23
Trading platform is very slow and unstable, the execution very very slow and it is very difficult to trades with this broker. You'll be disappointed when you want to place an order with good price. Intentionally delaying your orders to execute.
Author of Cobra Trading review : claudia_pip. Date and time of Cobra Trading review : 2016-04-07 17:00:37
I don't recommend this broker to trade in currency market. Minimum deposit is too high, especially for newbies and they don't offer a good support for clients. Platform suffers from several slippages all the time, so there is no way to generate earnings.

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