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Hotspot FX LLC

6/10 (votes 100)
On-line since: 2000
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and is registered as a Futures Commission Merchant with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
Payment options: Bank wire and checks
Minimum account size: $7,500
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:33 and 1:50
Spreads: ECN broker - spread varies
Hotspot FXi company was established by group of the currency market professionals in 2000. Hotspot, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Knight Capital Group, Inc.
In 2001, the company got the US registration as a broker with the right to provide services for individuals in the international currency market Forex. In 2002, Hotspot FXi broker has run the first institutional model ECN Hotspot FXi.
Web-site: Hotspot FX LLC
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: kleinfx. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-04-14 18:52:06
I trade with Hostspot for 6 months but now I search a different broker. When there is a reuqest for minimum deposit of 7500$ you expect high quality services. Well, you have high, but not services only high losses. I trade on MT4 platform and there is not one day without delays in execution, or crazy spreads or the broker manipulating the prices. My daily trades are on USD/DKK and USD/NOK. I checked the prices with Bloomberg and Forexpros at the same time and there were difference of 10-14 pips. The first 2 months everything was fine, till I requested to withdraw a profit of 3000$, after that I had only loss trades. I will close my account.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Nuaha. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-03-16 15:32:10
I have been communicating with their support since last 2 weeks ago. I am currently experiencing problems with their withdrawal. I thought they might be one of the best to trade with but it seems they are the worst broker. I requested with withdraw my funds amounting $3000 but they still didnt processed my request. My ticket number is 587598 and hey told me to wait for their response but until now I tried to contact several times but still no answer nor response to my emails and chat. Sorry but i cannot recommend them.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Ren. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-02-21 13:24:35
Just today a terrible experienced has just happened to my account. The dealing desk was trading against me. the charts are frozen Whenever the markets moves the platform freezes and the price went higher. There is no chance that I can enter the market. Fair warming to you and others, DO NOT trade with this broker, again, I am speaking from personal experience...
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: pipyuyang. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-02-06 10:24:44
Very good service from HotSpotFX, their reputation was also good. I learned a lot about trading and about forex from their good program, that was Demo Account, very suitable for me as a newbie trader. HotSpotFX's Demo Account was good to practice and this helped me a lot. I am brave to say that there is no difference between demo accounts and real accounts, which the difference is that there is on deposit only, so all I have learned with the demo, I apply into practice trading in real account. Now I have got hefty profits.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: JarleNJ. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-02-02 13:25:54
Hotspot FX LLC 'slowed down' my trading style. Last month I observed that each trade opens after about 4 or 5 seconds. Even if I manually close the trade, it shows 'BUSY' for 4 or 5 seconds and then closes. They pretty much made it unusable for me to trade. So I want to change this broker and tow days before I made a withdraw request just $10 to Skrill for testing them. unfortunately, it is the delay. I call support and they said it still in process.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: FxBaba. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-01-25 14:21:24
I opened a trading account with them, but the minimum deposit requirement are insane. The payments options are not helping either. After 2 weeks of trading I think I'll try to take my money back because the platform crashes a lot and I can't get a good deal because it's freezing from time to time. The support is polite and helpful.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Norah_J. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2017-01-03 22:11:17
I have been researching about forex broker to invest and trade, although their spread is low, their minimum deposit is absurdly high. I could see, in the trading account that when market is calm the trading platform is fine, and works perfectly, but if volatility surges , there will be massive slippage that cost you a lot. So, be careful with it.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Rosie. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2016-09-19 11:32:14
I have a live account with HotSpotFX. In the beginning, they filled my orders right on the money. Lately, when I placed a Stop Loss, they closed it 10 Pips against me 70% of the time. The other 30% it closed 2 or 3 pips against me. I was trying to close a position, but it always worked against me 2 to 3 pips and one time 10 pips. When I asked them about it, they told me they have a 9 to 12 Pip margin to fill their orders. The problem is on my take profit orders, they always close it right on the price when is going in my direction, not a single Pip of slipage. When I send e-mail them asking about a discrepancy with my account, they don't respond. Beware this broker.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Vladimir. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2016-08-18 02:56:58
They have very bad quality support and do not compensate you for these any off quote error which because of server malfunction work. Spreads are not fixed, it will increased during breaking news.
Author of Hotspot FX LLC review: Zeiler. Date and time of Hotspot FX LLC review: 2016-08-17 09:02:14
Hotspot FX LLC is best broker when it comes to tight spreads. Their software is great. Moreover, Hotspot FX LLC has user-friendly and easy to master. I think Hotspot FX LLC is a good broker. Their support and service are systematic. To sum up, Hotspot FX LLC is a legitimate broker and truly one of the best.

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