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On-line since 2014
Country of origin US
Regulation FSCL (New Zealand), FSP (New Zealand)
Payment options NETELLER, wire transfers, payment cards
Minimum account size $500
Minimum lot size 0.01 lot
Leverage 100:1
Spreads from 0.1
FX-Edge is a young broker in the forex market, which was established in 2013; however it started online trading only in 2014.  The company is headquartered in the State of California in the United States.
The broker offers its clients a wide range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, metals etc. The number of currency pairs totals 41.
The company allows traders to hedge, scalp, and use automated trading systems.
Trade is mainly conducted through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Additionally, demo MetaTrader 4 and Match-trader (большие буквы) are also available.
FX-Edge, as well as most other brokerage companies, provides its clients with various educational materials to master their trading skills in Forex.
Author of FX-edge review: fxmansae. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-08-25 04:17:05
They are scam broker ! FX-Edge does not give me the prize contest. They promised one month after the announcement of victory, but until now has been more than two months but my account is empty. And increasingly makes me furious because my complaint email never opened let alone reply. Very sorry to deposit my money on this liar broker.
Author of FX-edge review: Melinda. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-08-10 06:32:18
I watched Trader’s Way for a few months and have seen some of the latest updates. FX-edge really looks good and with the recent 20% bonus on all deposits, it surely sounds like a winning combination. I’m going to deposit funds soon, and I will keep you all updated. And for now, they look good to me.
Author of FX-edge review: ViljarKuusk. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-07-24 05:18:07
I think FX-edge is charging good spreads to get people in and using some tactics to increase their profits. After I got profit they disabled my account for no reason. Overall Poor platform and obnoxious people to deal with.
Author of FX-edge review: Paul nolasco . Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-07-10 09:11:55
I feel very comfortable when I am trading with them. All tools provided by this broker are very helpful for my daily trading, for example analysis. This is great for trading and trader's success. simply my trading being well with them.
Author of FX-edge review: Amber. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-06-24 07:34:03
Lack of reliable trading tools and programs. I am not sure how other people earned a lot of money with them because I never earned more than $100 a week.
Author of FX-edge review: Rora. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-03-25 08:23:22
There were many re-quotes during the trading, which make me confuse when trading. I lost all my money because of their delayed server.
Author of FX-edge review: Felipe. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-03-21 21:48:49
Their platform is easy to use, as weel as their website, spreads can be more competitive.
Author of FX-edge review: Amir. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-03-21 14:06:07
Personally, I would not invest big money with such fresh. Nevertheless, after some testing of their system, I can say, that it runs smooth and fast and with no execution problems so far.
Author of FX-edge review: FX-edge. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-03-21 06:25:11
I am very dissatisfied with this broker. There was slippage in almost the every trade, whether sell or buy. Many times, opened my trade before the order price. And spread goes as high as 5-7 pips. Happens in normal, non-news times. The customer support is useless.
Author of FX-edge review: Ezelle. Date and time of FX-edge review: 2016-03-15 04:56:31
The website of FX-EDGE helps new investors know more about the ins and outs of foreign exchange. The platform is quite easy to use and the client support service is good. The best forex platform I have ever used.

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