Dealing City

5/10 (votes 100)
On-line since: 2002
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: BVI Financial Services Commission Act, 499905
Payment options: WebMoney, Credit/debit
Minimum account size: $50
Minimum lot size: 0.1
Leverage: up 1:10 to 1:200
Spreads: 0 pips on EUR/USD

The dealing centre Forex Dealing City was formed with the purpose of providing the professional services to private investors – traders on Forex market who are exploiting the marginal trade. For conducting the operations on Forex market the company offers a trading platform DCTrader2, their own development with application of unique options.
Since 2009 the Company has launched a new server managed by a popular recently trading platform MetaTrader4. Depending on the requirements and preferences the clients are able to choose the best suiting technical option and conditions for their comfortable work.

Web-site: Dealing City
Author of Dealing City review: Bardsley. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2017-05-12 10:47:59
I think I make a right decision when I choose Dealing City to trade forex. Thus, Dealing City is a good broker because of many reasons. In last year, I knew this broker by my friend’s recommendation when I looked for a broker to trade after leaving my previous broker. Then, I was convinced my friend’s result in trading here, so I decided to open and trade with Dealing City. 2 months ago, I had problem with this broker when my account trades were closed and the same trades were opened at the signal providers' page. At that time, I was really angry with this broker and I switched to them. However, all my problems were disappeared because their support solved all of them! Their supports are helpful, and their platform is compatible, no serious disconnections. Trading in this broker, I usually earn profit when I deposit money. For example: 3 days ago, I earned profit with 500$ when I deposited 450$ for trading. Therefore, I wanted to withdrawal my profit, so I made a request with them. Then, I could receive money within 5 hours, it’s so great. Furthermore, execution seems to be fast, and now I have multiple live accounts with Dealing City. In general, I recommend Dealing City to all traders because they are the best broker in forex world.
Author of Dealing City review: amunga. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2017-03-30 07:23:35
I never got the 30% from this company. The bonus campaign of this broker is not real! I deposited 700 USD and they refused when I requested to claim the 30% bonus for the unknown reason. I tried to contact them about my concern but I never got a response anymore. It sucks but I left no choice but continue my trading activities here.
Author of Dealing City review: Jenny. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2017-03-07 11:16:36
Dealing City is a good company. But there server getting too slow when any heavy news are ahead. Like on Friday 3/3/2017, I couldn't enter my account to make changes on my trades and put new trade. So my account hit the margin call.
Author of Dealing City review: Andrei Olag. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2017-02-22 09:37:03
When I deposited my 6000 RUB, I was told by their staff to avail the %30 Bonus and I sent a letter requesting to avail the bonus. The instruction on how to avail the bonus was sent to me. It requires a trader to verify the account. The document needs to be in a high resolution otherwise it would be junked. Because of the bonus, I renewed my passport and updated my bank statement to avoid inconvenience. All my documents were accepted and none of them got declined. The staff also told me that the said bonus is only applicable in my country. I am curious, why they wouldn't offer the same promo in other countries too?
Author of Dealing City review: Bipul4x. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2017-01-03 08:42:35
I am a new member of Dealing City brokerage. I deposit 1000 USD and after trading two months, I made profit of 1650 USD. I asked for withdrawal for 500. And the payment was made the same day! This is the thing I like most of this broker. I till now I never face any kind of difficulty regarding payment issue. So I can say that they are very honest broker.
Author of Dealing City review: Nell. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2016-11-29 10:23:34
If you trade during the news time at first you get a couple of decent fills then they delay execution 4-5 seconds and give you a bad fill end of spike. When you talk to them they deny there is a delay but they very well know as the delay is of their own making.
Author of Dealing City review: TraderTink. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2016-09-05 07:21:40
I am a professional trader and I like their unique DCTrader5 platform. Another feature that impressed me about them is that they charge 0 pips on EUR/USD. I never had any problems with deposits (comes immediately) and withdrawals (within few hour) with this broker. I am absolutely pleased with my choice.
Author of Dealing City review: fxtigo. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2016-08-04 12:23:21
For the first time when im trading with this broker im enjoy, but some of the day their is unfair with this broker, their customer support very not wellcome.i didnt satisfied with this broker and never want to join again.
Author of Dealing City review: Suzzy. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2016-07-20 16:21:56
I must say that my experience with broker have not been good, Dealing city is an unprofessional broker, the money I deposited one week ago has not been credited to my account yet, I tried to contact the Finance Department but I only got an automated response. They have a slow service especially with their deposit and withdrawal request. The trading connection and execution were terrible for me.
Author of Dealing City review: Noah. Date and time of Dealing City review: 2016-07-20 08:38:58
The support is very helpfull, good communication and fast ! thank you very much

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