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2017-04-28 16:15:00
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says Use of Force Against North Korea 'completely Unacceptable and Could Lead to Catastrophic Course'
2017-04-28 16:13:00
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Calls on U.s., South Korea to Review Deployment of Anti-Missile System, Urges Other States to 'resist Temptation to Become involved in Such Destabilizing Efforts'
2017-04-28 16:12:00
United Nations-Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says Rhetoric, 'reckless Muscle Flexing' on North Korea Has Left World Wondering if There Will be War
2017-04-28 16:00:00
Canada Feb Budget Balance, C$* Increase to 1.29 Bln Vs Prev 1.24 Bln
2017-04-28 15:50:00
European Commission proposes to Extend by Three Years the Exemption of Pension Funds from Mandatory Clearing of Derivatives Trades - Eu Document
2017-04-28 15:50:00
European Commission proposes That Only One Side of a Derivatives Trade Has to Report the Transaction - Eu Document
2017-04-28 15:50:00
Eu Document Omits Reference to Location of Clearing of Euro denominated Derivatives
2017-04-28 15:50:00
Eu Executive may Look at Location of Euro Clearing End-June in "further Amendments" to Eu Derivatives Rules - Banking, Industry Sources
2017-04-28 15:49:00
Chinese Foreign Minister Urges 'cooling down of Temperature', Remain Calm, Exercise Restraint on North Korea
2017-04-28 15:46:00
Chinese Foreign Minister says Most Urgent Task Is to Stop North Korea Nuclear, Missile Development; Must Stop Arguing Over Who Must take First Step
2017-04-28 15:44:00
Chinese Foreign Minister says Key to Solving North Korea Problem Does Not Lie With China
2017-04-28 15:43:00
United Nations-Chinese Foreign Minister Warns North Korea Situation Could take a Turn for the Worse, Spiral Out of Control'
2017-04-28 15:43:00
China Foreign Minister Urges North Korea to Stop Its Nuclear, Missile Activities
2017-04-28 15:43:00
Chinese Foreign Minister Cautions Use of Force Does Not Solve Differences and Will Only Lead to Bigger Disasters
2017-04-28 15:43:00
Senate Democratic Leader Schumer says Progress Still needed in Budget Talks Before Democrats can Support a Short-Term Extension
2017-04-28 15:40:00
Japanese Pm Abe says the World Is faced With Serious Threats to International Order, Including from North Korea and in the East and South China Sea
2017-04-28 15:40:00
U.s. House Begins Vote to Extend Deadline until may 5 for Passing a Spending Bill to Avert Government Shutdown
2017-04-28 15:40:00
Japanese Pm Abe says Japan and Uk Consider Free and Open Seas are the Cornerstone of Peace and Prosperity
2017-04-28 15:39:00
Japanese Pm Abe says Uk and Japan are Closest Partners in Security Cooperation in Asia
2017-04-28 15:39:00
Japanese Pm Abe says Confidence in the Uk Is Unshaken