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ICM Brokers

On-line since: 2008
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: FSC Regulated
Payment options: Wire Transfer, Net Teller, Paypal
Minimum account size: 300$
Minimum lot size: 0.01
Leverage: up 1:100 to 1:400
Spreads: 2 pips EUR/USD

ICM Brokers is a financial institution specializing in online execution and clearing services for retail and institutional investors. ICM Brokers has offices in, USA and, Australia, UK, Lebanon, as well as a customer service office in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, ICM Brokers has clients and affiliated IB offices in over twenty other countries worldwide. ICM Brokers holds all its clients deposits with highly rated and secure financial institutions including HSBC and Bank Audi. ICM Brokers assists its customers in any preferred languages.

Web-site: ICM Brokers

ICM Brokers 1/10 (votes 368)


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Author of ICM Brokers review: Ramirez. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-09-27

ICM Brokers is an unfair broker. As my friend made a deposit from PayPal. On their website, they stated that transfers from 3rd parties will be declined but notwhere stated that they are going to deduct 5.9%. So what happens that I lost almost 300EUR per day from 5100EUR. And I repeat nowhere is sated that they are charging charges for declined payments. After consulting FXCC support, they many times tried to prove that is was PayPal who charges. After contacting PayPal, there is clear that they did not charge anything (also checking history of the account). So be careful with this broker, it seems this broker preface to steal client's money and do not work according to their own policy.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Ekynne. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-09-26

On a live account, ICM Broker widened the spread at the end of week up to 72 pips on last week. I understand that the difference between bid and ask can vary from 1 pips up to several pips but this is to extreme. With such a wide move, they can clear a lot of stop loses. And what is normal spread and what is not? 100 pips next? 1000? Needless to say they took a stop loss of 200 usd. Otherwise the position have win 200usd. Yesterday, they did the same but then they had the decency to correct the account. Not now. I am thinking to escalate the problem. I took screen captures of the situation. Before I was at an USA broker (ECN) and never had this problem. It looks like to smell stop lose hunting to when this broker widen the spread to 72pips at the end of the week. I am just trying to let people aware of this broker to cheat other traders.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Rja. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-08-17

I have not yet made withdrawals so I don't know if they are perfectly honest or not. But I wanted to react because I did not see any changes regarding the leverage of my accounts. All 3 are at 1:500.

Author of ICM Brokers review: pipbacolyuk. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-08-03

I used ICM Brokers when I first started trading about a year ago and now I am looking another broker that suit my trading style. Lot of slippage, never trade news there. Spreads is not consistent. Their order execution is too slow and I do not like the way of their service.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Aranxtu. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-07-12

I've been using this broker for trading for several month but I faced problems since the beginning, starting by the support team, very poor, not friendly and not professional, of course. Spreads are too high and change all the time.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Maksim. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-06-29

Demo trading platform does not reflect the high commissions charged per live trade and high rollovers eat further into profits for carried trades. These fees can be 20-30% for smaller trades and scalping is uneconomical. Today I lost 20% of my profits due to the fees excluding spreads.

Author of ICM Brokers review: fxbanyu. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-06-16

I just want to tell you that I hate the broker like ICM Brokers, they are broker who is very good at the beginning but then they'll stab me in the back. They gave me a bonuses, and many great trading strategies that they offer so then I get a lot of profit. But the profit that I get was useless because they have always refused my request to withdraw, they always argue there is a mistake in my withdrawal request.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Phipps. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-04-13

Lately, I have started trading with a demo account with ICM Brokers. Trading on the demo account is really enticing and I think this would be helpful a lot in trading with real accounts. Instructions and guide for novices on the official website are well organized, which made it easy to learn a bit more about forex trading.

Author of ICM Brokers review: Pipsmocca. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-04-12

Hello, i have very bad experiences with this broker. they have irrelevant analysies, it is too difficult to join them. i don

Author of ICM Brokers review: Tabby. Date and time of ICM Brokers review: 2016-04-11

I am glad that I closed my account two months ago. My friends' accounts got blocked and all their money were held by this company.

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